Did you read "Goat Song"? Sheep, Bee I imagine everyone has heard certain horror stories concerning folks being rammed by a goat.

When my son went though puberty I used to compare the scent of his room 'goat smell.' May 18, 2011 #4 DonnaBelle True BYH Addict. The only goats that truly smell are bucks when they are in rut. .

You should learn the injecting process practically from a vet. My guess was, “no,” but I don’t raise goats, (yet ). Washing the bucks does make a difference... but they will still stink. It’s a camaraderie, an enchanting reverie that can only be had by caring for a goat soul day after day and building that relationship and being in the midst of never-ending work together. I have a good friend that has said the same thing about her teenage sons room! He Loved people and he thought he smelled good!LOl Well needless to say the town kids all petted the buck... Then thought to ask Does This WASH OFF???? As a result, they become glucose deprived and their bodies make ketones for energy instead. Rabbit Usually wethers do not smell bad like the bucks and they become very friendly and well behaved in nature.

FarmLady - LOL! On the other hand, if you can use the burdizzo properly, it will crush the spermatic cord of your bucks. Some goats can breed year-round and others will need to be bred only during fall/spring. If you wish, you can try using your deodorant body spray during this period . I promise that should you get it on you and go to work, your coworkers will become profoundly disturbed.

Leslie - Thanks for stopping by! The female goat is called a “doe” or “nanny.” Up to the age of 12 months, she is sometimes referred to as a “doeling.” The doe can reach puberty between 4 to 12 months of age, depending on the breed, season of birth, level of feeding/nutrition, and overall health status. .

Goats that are not milking really don't need "grain". It’s only the bucks (non-castrated male goats) who have an odor, and then it’s mostly during breeding season. Can i breed goat with just corn and blended beans ? I don't think their poo smells all that bad. I'm not sure what you mean by goat smell because the males smell like urine. Okay, this is fairly true, but paradoxically also false. The tangy smell of iodine, perhaps?

That's great and I know what you mean. A buck (male goat) can cover up to 20-30 does in one breeding cycle. The girls will patiently wait or eat their milking bribe and get scratches and pet. This musky odor usually come from both their urine and scent glands. Chicken

Goat meat is similar to lamb or veal.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is the king of solvents and is used sometimes as a therapeutic in horses in leg wraps to decrease swelling, or in an IV drip to help with neurological disease. Manure? On the other hand, although wethers can get big, they are the sweetest of all goats, they don’t stink, they make great pets and pack animals, and they don’t go into heat and make a ruckus like does or bucks. You can also clean your bucks on a regular basis.

You can keep your bucks separated from the herd for avoiding unplanned breeding and also for avoiding tainting the milk with the smell, as most of the goat owners do. On the opposite side of the spectrum, a rare occurrence can happen in which the goat is polycerate, meaning they have more than the typical two horns. And cause the testes and scrotum to fall off within a few weeks.

Misfitmorgan's Journal - Fall....Don't leave me yet!. The term “mutton” is used for both goat and sheep meat in many parts of the world. They stink with a peculiar odor. For the most part, they can share the same foraging area such as a pasture, but goats should never be allowed to eat chicken feed, because the extra calcium in laying feed can create painful and deadly calcium issues within the goats, and grower feed is way too many calories of the wrong kind. Usually bucks always stink with a strong peculiar musky odor. And you don’t want to feed moldy hay to animals.

Mom L - Thanks for stopping by! Is there a shampoo that can be used or a spray that can be applied to a goat to get rid of their smell?
Other molds can instigate respiratory issues. Luckily, rutting season is only a few months of the year and that “pretty boy” smell only affects owners if they wish to keep intact males around. I haven't washed mine yet but this year we are going to give the bucks baths on a regular basis during the warm season here. We had to get rid of our goats...they didnt stink as they'd been wethered but we just got tired of them constantly getting out. Your email address will not be published.

Thank you! I personally am not fond of the way ducks smell. We are pleased to hear that! Joined Dec 5, 2010 Messages 468 Reaction score 3 Points 64 I keep saying I must have been born to be a goat farmer. Does (female goats) cycle into heat every 21 days. During rut, the bucks become more smelly. :).

Takeuchi admits that she cannot be sure, but she thinks it is an innate reaction, because it was seen irrespective of the mating experience of the female goats.

Goat Neither do the does, ha.So many people say they do not like goats because they stink. Goats are my sanity, not sure I can live without them. Imagine yourself in a barn. There’s just something about those globs of half-digested grass and gastric juice that stays with you for the rest of the day. But during the rut, there are almost no way to avoid their urine scent. By using an elastrator or a burdizzo, you can easily wether a buck. Horns vary by the breed, and some breeds or genetic lines are naturally polled, meaning they do not have horns at all. Deer I happen to like the way my Nubians smell.

While most fungus on hay is harmless, a few are trouble-makers.

Our bucks don't usually start smelling much until they are over a year old anyway and it is really only bad in the fall.Tonia - How funny!Nancy M - Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment! Lol!! Buck goats REEK to high heaven during the rut (breeding season). Now regarding your other question: Yes and no.

Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. :)Hope you guys had a really nice Thanksgiving, and are enjoying the long weekend! There is something so peaceful and trusting about resting your head on the side of a doe, at the end of a long day, while milking her.

I especially relate to leaning my head on Bessie or Gladys while I milk, listening to the rumen, I feel the pure relaxation and connection to life during those quiet moments. ;-) They are very clean and in fact our dogs have more of an odor than the female goats do. Pigeon His only desire during this time of year is to let all the lady goats know he is around and ready to fulfill their procreative wishes. Corn? Usually bucks always stink with a strong peculiar musky odor. Also, if the goat owner tests their goats for Johne’s disease, they should be aware that, if their chickens contract the avian version of Mycobacterium and pass it to the goats, it won’t make the goats sick but will show up on a blood test as a positive result for Johne’s disease and may mean the owner cannot sell that goat. Bucks usually spray their urine on their beards, chest, face and front legs during rut (the time period when the does are in estrus cycle). They make up for their usefulness by being rude. But it sounds fake.
I repair and replace fencing as needed, and every now and then I still get to witness the goat parade of celebration when they find a way out. Speaking as someone with a new, matching set of bruises from an accidental poke to the thigh, two horns are more than enough to bargain with. Do female goats have horns? And it can be quite offensive to the people, especially who have not been around goats. Generally rut occurs in the late summer through fall. Otherwise, no, goats do not smell bad. Delightful. It makes it simple to milk the females and eat the males. Goats are escape artists.

Oh, I have SOOO much to look forward too, don't I?! It’s phenomenal that one animal can provide so many services in a small affordable package. Smell as a trigger for memory? Using the presence or absence of horns on a goat is not a reliable way to determine gender. I don't notice the smell of urine or poop. I’ve built some beautiful relationships with my goats. #2 All goats stink. "Buck Funk", thanks for a new perfect description for the smells that occasionally come from the men in my life! Good hay smells so good that you can tell without too much trouble when hay is bad. In the words of Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now,ya hear!!!". You are right, it isn't something I say fast without good pronunciation!

His only desire during this time of year is to let all the lady goats know he is around and ready to fulfill their procreative wishes. I consent to Backyard Goats collecting and storing the data I submit in this form. I like such themes and everything connected to them. You can read more about goat breeding behavior here. Pricilla - I joke about it but it doesn't bother me either. But do you know, why do bucks smell so bad? Apparently, just the presence of a billy goat nearby makes nanny goats emit hormones with a … Molasses? Aside from the obvious (e.g., infected wounds, diarrhea, etc. (Privacy Policy) *, © 2020, Countryside - All Rights Reserved.

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