The League of Heroes watches over Earth and the galaxy, maintaining peace and thwarting dastardly plots.At the very top, Batman, Superman, Captain America, and She-Hulk serve as the highest leadership throughout the entire League.Doctor Strange leads the Masters, the division that handles magical and mystical occurrences.Lord Shaxx, advised by Spock, leads the Galactics, the division that travels across and presides over space.In Jump City, Starfire leads the new Teen Titans, watching over the districts and foiling crimes of villains in the city. But when each member of a team has a different agenda, it can be hard for things to go according to plan in a place as uncertain as the birthplace of the Vex - especially when rumours circle of a Vex Mind that thinks like a human, leaving the team wondering just what has been happening under their noses the entire time...and to whom... Osiris has been exiled from the Last City and he has ventured into the Infinite Forest to continue his research into proving that the Vex still remain the greatest threat the Guardians will faceThe Speaker has sent Saint-14 after him to bring him down from the rafters and back to reality and Osiris anticipates that he is not prepared for what he will encounter, An exchange of letters has been found, showing signs of warning, yearning, loss and desire, but in the Infinite Forest, time deals a foul hand and stopped the letters before they could reach them, leaving them both in the dark. A human, an Awoken, and an Exo wake up from death in Old Russia and escape the cosmodrome together. Much like Clover she was grabbed from behind which her attacker smothered her face with a chloroform rag. Together they face the darkness and everything the system has to throw at them. For good or ill, these people will be remembered as friends and decried as monsters to some for centuries. From hunter to vex god (hunter x vex) Fanfiction. Currently: can't stop writing about the Fundament. The Vex are surely up to something twisted this time," the Guardian said hurrying full speed towards the area, unaware of the trap she was walking into. The hall behind, leading all the way back to her careful entrance to the mansion, slicing through a window, should have been the full extent of the security measures. the Vex declared as Jupiter vanished in a bright flash, by now Clover had a dart gun and shot Princess Peach with a dart, instantly knocking her out which she vanished as well. By ED3765 Watch. Which some females being a long blonde hair princess wearing a pink dress, a famous idol singer with her brown hair placed into twin tails wearing a school uniform with thigh highs and another with brown hair pulled into a big pony tail wearing a green sailor uniform as well as Clover and Kyoko. Kyoko cried out as she was beating up some smaller grunts.

Read at your own risk, please. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Log in Sign Up. "Game? Hive (Destiny) Vex (Destiny) Ghost (Destiny) Miller (Metro) Other Additional Tags to Be Added; Summary. On that day in 1999, we discovered something underneath Antarctica: a great white sphere, with wonders and technology beyond our understanding. the Guardian wondered as they kept walking, soon entering a large open arena field.

Hana said drawing their attention with a light calp of her hands.

[THEN WE ARE-]-of one mind. [PREPARE YOURSELF.] “Now, awake!” the Vex commanded, sending out a jolt pulse that awoke the sleeping kidnapped women who slowly woke awake, feeling extremely groggy as they took to their feet.

Natalie lamented. They fail, and they break, and sometimes they die. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. The Watty Awards Write . This is just pure filth that I write for myself to read.

Come on, or we'll be late for the movie!" "First loser!"

Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Everything was good, in the beginning.

Clover cried out as she began to squirm and struggle, kicking about wildly as she began to feel a strong sensation of sleepiness overcome her. Kyoko stated as all the other females nodded their heads, as they were in the middle of something as well. WE WILL COME TO YOU. "Ma'am, here is the next targets for the display battle," a robotic assistant said as information was soon displayed on a screen before its master. [An Evangelion/Destiny fusion]. they all replied back hoping for the best, unaware Alex was somewhere, making their upcoming Halloween night a true nightmare. everyone replied back in a monotone making Hana rub the bridge of her nose. "Huh? Read to find out. "My weapon!". YOU ARE READING. "Just go to sleep already!" also, we post memes and character designs as well as drawings from scenes on it! the Vex said as the women all soon stared one another down. "What?" This world is not unused to the names of legends; Saint-14, Osiris, Shin Malphur, Dredgen Yor, Efrideet, and so many others. The first attempt at life wants the Void to listen to it. The Vex have always been mysterious. AND THEN YOU WILL LEAD.] She gave one last push, as her hands came down last, and tucked into a ball, rolling over the last lasers, and landing gracefully, quietly, crouched low. “And what do you have against Thanksgiving?” Natalie questioned. Which as they were gathered, the Vex machine soon eyed an approaching Original Character Guardian. Hana stated as everyone laughed softly. This popped up as a recommended read. Ghost observed as the entrance behind them instantly became sealed off, trapping them in the area. The second attempt at creating life went about as smoothly as it can go. she questioned as the Ghost processed the request. "Yeah! After the Red War, Kaliko starts to feel strange. I lost a game to, "Must it be that time of year already?" Which the black straps over their chests were pulled, pinning their arms to their backsides, the long collar pulled tightly over their mouths and noses with a black strap tighten over their mouths to stifle any words they could speak. Should make as much sense to non-No Man's Sky players as it does to the characters, I think. Their lives have switched and Saint-14 is left consumed by his greatest failure. Guardian questioned as the Vex let out a chuckling noise. threw out the world of remnant legends are spoken some of great warriors that fought wielding the light itself as there sword and shield such as the saint and the warlord while other legends speak of the monsters and those who rejected the light and sought the darkness little do they know these legends are history and history has a way of repeating its self let us hope that some of those legends are here for there salvation. they all groaned as they were all soon laid into pods, which were made to fit each outline and curve of their captive, further restricting their movement to a perfect standstill.

Rose is sent after the man who is out in the wilds, killing Guardians and civilians alike, unaware of who he is, and who she used to be to him. Takes place part-way through Metro: Last Light, and during the events of Destiny 1. "Hrmmm..." Guardian remarked while picking up a nearby bottle and rag. Fanfiction; Non-Fiction; Werewolf; Fantasy; Paranormal; Wattpad Picks; Werewolf Week; Editors' Choice; Community Curator: @Ariana_Godoy ; Wattpad Studios Hits; Available in Bookstores; From our Stars; Community . Where are we?" Two years later, and what Cayde-6 thinks is a normal day headed to relax on Nessus turns into a mystery when he finds two dead ghosts, and a woman who can control the Vex around her. When Izuku was 8 years old, a mishap with a a classmates Quirk made him disappear from his homeworld. Subdue your opponents with the following sleep items and then you may return home if you are the last to remain awake!" "Worry not, the only one here who will be going to a forceful sleep is you!" While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. In an old Chinese trade shop, Alex. A particular guardian gets a little tired and worked up while farming a strike. Most perfect, a draw meaning all three are mine!"

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