Have those dreaded heart-to-heart conversations and really make sure they’re OK.”, “I never knew so many guys could open up and talk about their feelings,” he added, “until this week.”. “Since his passing, he’s taught us all a big lesson,” Quinton Pancoast said at his cousin Ryan’s service. His passions were farming, welding, hunting, target shooting (member of Alberta Cowboy Action Shooting), fishing, photography and travelling any time he had a chance! The shock and grief rippled, too, through Brandon’s large group of friends. He knew, by most measures, he had “a perfect life” — a loving wife, two beautiful children, a large group of friends, a successful business. In his early years, he worked construction, running heavy equipment, etc.

Funeral arrangements will be announced when completed. Another friend in the group didn’t die by suicide, but those who knew him said there were complications from addiction related to his death. They resist the urge to latch onto an easy answer to the impossible question on so many people’s minds. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her, especially her dear friends:  Fay, Irene, Lorraine and Lucy. Hosting Medicine Hat obits on our site allows families to share them on social media and even have them be accessible for a long time after the death has occurred.

There was another suicide among the same group of friends. 1941 ~ Joyce Risling ~ 2020Joyce Janette Risling of Medicine Hat died peacefully surrounded with love and prayers on October 4, 2020, at the age of 79 years. As a registered nurse, Jordan believes this may have played a role, too. “We were brought up to be strong. In retrospect, Jordan doesn’t think Ryan, or the friend group at large, coped with Brandon’s death in a particularly healthy way, relying too heavily on alcohol. She left feeling he had heard what families had to say and was hopeful it would lead to more resources in the future. “I was out with my close buddies last night and we weren't talking about COVID,” said Mayor Ted Clugston. By being open about what happened, they hope to reduce the reticence that surrounds the topic and foster the types of discussions that are already starting to bud within the broader community. “And I think in that moment, he truthfully did mean that, and believed that.”. This particular job involved moving a fridge. But she was given special permission by Ryan Pancoast’s widow to talk about the fact that he had come to her for help with his depression. Brandon Niwa was married, and while he and his wife Ashly had no kids of their own, children were always drawn to him. In the last few months leading up to her passing, Sara was residing at the Good Samaritan South Ridge Village. She felt protective of him, often because he seemed to get himself into “sticky situations” with some of the things he would say, but then he’d manage to charm his way out of them. A Graveside Celebration of Sara’s life will be held at a future date in Acadia Valley with further announcements at that time. But there are commonalities, too, in their stories. “But maybe we're doing them a disservice by doing some of that, and they are capable of understanding and knowing more about brain chemicals and things that happen. “He was a hard worker,” Lindsay said.

The mayor of Medicine Hat, trying to do the grim tabulation, had to count out loud: “five, six, seven young men.” It depends, to a degree, on how social circles are defined. Jeremy Daffy was friends with five of the men who have died. Medicine Hat Death / Obituary – On July 17, 2020, we learnt that Medicine Hat died following an unidentified cause of death. He was predeceased by his parents, Edith and Hans Martin Hanson; his brother, Jim Hanson; his sister, Ella (Stan) Durbenuick and his brother in-law, Bill Rawleigh. The morning of his funeral, as people were preparing to attend or watch via livestream, news broke that another friend in the group had died by suicide. 1924 ~ ANNA HEIDINGER ~ 2020 Anna Maria Heidinger passed away on Friday, October 30, 2020 at the age of 96 years, beloved wife of Joseph Heidinger of Medicine Hat. Substances were often a substitute. Lindsay Niwa, Brandon’s sister, is also a nurse. Olson said men are three times more likely to die of suicide than women. Medicine Hat has recorded its first death from COVID-19. When they did happen, it was usually in the wee hours of the morning, after many drinks. The plan was for Brandon to take over Niwa Crane, one day soon. They played hockey, rode dirtbikes and snowboarded together. Jordan was one of the few people Ryan ever talked to about his depression. He sought professional counselling, which helped. Both women see advocacy as a way forward for themselves, for their families, for their city and beyond. As much as the stigma around mental health has eroded in recent years, a reticence around suicide, in particular, remains. “He made a quick, impulsive decision,” she said, “because he was sad and overwhelmed and he'd been drinking.”. Throughout the summer, many people in Medicine Hat were doing damage control. In all his years of operating cranes, he never had an accident. The challenge is that effective help is not always easy to find. (Condolences may be expressed by visiting our website at www.cooksouthland.com)    Honoured to serve the family is. She volunteered her time at the Tuck Shop, was president of the Resident Club and organized card games during the week. He was just a kid. One of his closest friends, Ryan Pancoast, took the lead in holding people together, trying to keep their spirits up, as they tried to make sense of what had happened. He works as a librarian and writer with the Calgary-based Centre for Suicide Prevention. “I feel like, without that, who knows where I would be?”, Daffy recognizes not everyone can afford the same access to services. As adults, they both were life-of-the-party types: usually loud, often “inappropriate,” always making others laugh. When there is a series of suicides among a group of people who all know each other, there is evidence that each death can act as a precipitating factor for a subsequent one.

He hadn’t expressed anything that would have given them any inkling that he was struggling to such a degree. There have been so many deaths over the past few months, it’s hard to keep track. “All they do is come in and just read the daily script to you,” he said. William’s memory will forever remain in the hearts of his family as…, Mrs. Sara May Elsasser of Medicine Hat, beloved wife of the late Floyd Gordon Elsasser, passed away peacefully at the Good Samaritan South Ridge Village in Medicine Hat on Saturday, October…, Murray Jackson of Bow Island, beloved husband of Pat, passed away peacefully at the Medicine Hat Hospital on Saturday, October 31, 2020, at the age of 81 years. He built a shop doing mechanical repairs and moved on to take up welding as a trade. “We will make every effort to make sure this community has what they need,” Luan said in a written statement. She still cries every day. But what came next left people in this small city absolutely reeling. And there are signs things are changing. Friends, though, couldn’t help but see a connection between his health and the alcohol and drugs most of them indulged in, to varying degrees. That daredevil nature was common in his group of friends, but Brandon got the ADHD under control as an adult by meticulously planning out his tasks and executing them step by step. The mayor of Medicine Hat, trying to do the grim tabulation, had to count out loud: “five, six, seven young men.”… Like Brandon, Ryan grew up struggling with ADHD. He said he has gone the “AHS route,” too, seeking mental-health help directly through the health-care system. Lindsay Niwa, Brandon’s sister, said the meeting with Luan was a good one. Medicine Hat Mayor Ted Clugston says while it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the suicides, he does believe the pandemic is a contributing factor. AB. “There’s not one causal reason that someone takes their life.

It was more of a family chore. “It’s funny, because he was such a big kid. Jordan believes more resources — and more frank discussions — are needed not just for guys Ryan’s age, but younger people, too.

“It was out of nowhere,” Lindsay Niwa said of her brother’s death. Visit this link to create a free obituary then read the advantages of creating an obituary on Echovita and either click “Start now” or “Create an obituary for your loved” to begin.

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