David Tapp is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. During a domestic dispute five years earlier, Seth killed her and was sentenced to life in prison. Due to his obsession, he wallpapered his flat with countless newspaper articles about everything that had to do with Jigsaw in any way and also had a picture of Sing to remind him of his failure and keep him motivated for what soon became his personal vendetta against Gordon and Jigsaw. (Saw III, Saw V). While investigating the crime scene, Kerry noticed another peephole in one of the walls and informed Tapp and Sing that she had already found a similar one at the place of Paul's death. The caller mentioned how Tapp and Zep fled the scene after the shooting. A tape recorder informs Tapp that Melissa was assigned by Jigsaw to watch over Tapp's test and that her son would be killed if he did not. Thinking that he was dead, Sing approached his body and thereby stepped on a tripwire.
With Sing's assistance, he ultimately found out about a fire in a rear house that was close to an abandoned mannequin factory.

Shortly afterward, the results came in, and the fingerprints were identified as those of Dr. Lawrence Gordon, a renowned oncologist. Unbeknownst to him, Alison had secretly managed to get free from the cords restraining her hands. However, during their scuffle, Tapp was shot in the chest, collapsed, and eventually succumbed to his wound, allowing Zep to continue his way.

John allerdings zog blitzschnell eine Klinge hervor und strich den Hals von Tapp, worauf hin Sing die Verfolgungsjagd aufnahm und direkt in eine Falle lief. Upon saving her, she stages her kidnapping by another Jigsaw apprentice called Pighead and Tapp moves to his next test.

David Tapp Information Gender Male Age Unknown Debut Saw Other Appearances Saw: The Videogame Saw V (mentioned only) Occupation Police Detective Status Deceased Portrayed by Danny Glover (film) Earl Alexander (game). Contents[show] Chronology Saw: Rebirth Dr. Lawrence Gordon's first chronological appearance was in Saw: Rebirth, which portrayed him as the doctor who diagnosed John Kramer with cancer. Despite him being a respected and experienced detective, Tapp was willing to break the service regulations and even the law if it served his investigation. While pursuing him Sing accidentally triggered the Quadruple Shotgun Hallway Trap and his head was blown off, killing him instantly. Lawrence watches while Tapp interrogates Amanda for her testimony.

Homicide Detective (formerly) Afterward, Jigsaw, who wore some kind of bulletproof body armor under his cloak, left the factory without any significant injuries. He was portrayed by Danny Glover in the films and voiced by Earl Alexander in the game. After hearing her testimony, Tapp gave Lawrence a ride home, but still suspected that he was the Jigsaw Killer.

While holding him at gunpoint, she ordered him to shove the phone to her so she could talk to Lawrence.

Throughout the first film, his identity remains uncertain; the unstable ex-cop David Tapp suspects that he may be Lawrence and near the end of the film, Lawrence and Adam Stanheight are led to believe it is the hospital orderly Zep Hindle. Zep had been poisoned by Jigsaw and was forced to abduct Gordon's family. He was played by actor Danny Glover in the movies and voiced by Earl Alexander in the 2009 game. Detective David Tapp investigated the earlier Jigsaw murders with his long time partner, Detective Steven Sing. Meanwhile, Gordon was forced to play another game during which he had to kill Adam, his opponent in his game, by 6 o'clock.

At one of the crime scens, Tapp and his partner, Steven Sing, discover a penlight with fingerprints on it. Tapp chases Zep to the site of another Jigsaw game, later revealed to be Lawrence's trap.

Tapp then proceeds to save his sixth victim, Jeff Thomas, who was in the "Drill Trap" when Tapp and Sing had raided Jigsaw's lair during Saw. Saw V later revealed that Jigsaw accomplice Mark Hoffman had planted this penlight to arise suspiscion on Gordon. https://sawfilms.fandom.com/wiki/David_Tapp_(Movies)?oldid=60587. (Saw, Saw V), Sometime later, another victim of Jigsaw was found in a deadly trap. He was a Detective who worked within the Metropolitan Police Department. Saw, Saw III, Saw V, Full Disclosure Report

(Saw). Right, Sing, right?

Detective David Tapp is one of 23 Survivors currently featured in Dead by Daylight .

When Gordon asked Tapp for the reason of that question, the latter showed him the penlight with his fingerprints on it.

While she was unconscious, Jigsaw had put a mechanical device on her head, which was hooked into Amanda's upper and lower jaw. He was first seen in the original film, Saw. Additionally, the recording of an emergency call by the Gordons' neighbors was revealed to the viewers. Steven Sing was a police officer who worked within the Metropolitian Police Department. Tapp and Sing went to Dr. Gordon's office where they asked him about his alibi for the previous night when Mark Wilson had been … To obtain the antidote, Zep had to kill them in case that Gordon failed his test.

Status To save himself, Mark had to find the correct combination among hundreds of numbers written all over the walls. At one of the crime scenes, they discovered a penlight belonging to doctor, Lawrence Gordon, who they later brought to the station for questioning.

Tapp's first major test is to save Amanda Young, the woman he interrogated during Saw, unbeknown to him that she had become Jigsaw's secret apprentice. Jedoch beschlossen die Beiden ihm zunächst nicht zu helfen und sich lieber zu verstecken, da sie Schritte hörten. Tapp, who survived his injury, was saved later on, along with Jeff Ridenhour. After hearing her testimony, Tapp gives Lawrence a ride home and becomes more suspicious that Lawrence is Jigsaw.

(Saw), After Jigsaw's death at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of his victims, Tapp and his deceased colleagues - Daniel Rigg, Eric Matthews, Steven Sing, and Allison Kerry - were given a memorial. He was introduced as the Survivor of CHAPTER VII: The SAW™ Chapter, a Chapter DLC released on 23 January 2018. Unfortunately, she was distracted by her daughter, giving Zep the chance to attack her. A gunfight ensues, allowing Alison and Diana to escape. Officer Tapp war der Erste, der anhand weniger Anhaltspunkte Johns Werkstatt ausfindig machen konnte und direkt in der gleichen Nacht auch direkt mit seinem Kollegen Sing dort hinfuhr. After saving Oswald, Tapp rescues Obi Tate, an arsonist who wanted to be tested by Jigsaw. [1], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=David_Tapp&oldid=7144949, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. David Tapp è uno dei 23 Sopravvissuti attualmente in Dead by Daylight. This causes him to stake out his home; he uses a video camera to watch it from another apartment. This causes him to be discharged from the police force and to be divorced from his wife. He appearead as a playable character in both Saw: The Video Game(2009), in which he was voiced by Earl … Das Leben von John Kramer könnte nicht besser laufen. As Jigsaw was able to hide his identity when his lair was raided, Tapp is still convinced that Lawrence is Jigsaw, unknowing that Lawrence had been abducted and is currently in a trap of his own. Thereby, two drills started to approach Jeff's head from both sides. Tapp recovers and studies the video tape left at Amanda's trap location and deciphers the location of Jigsaw's lair.

(Saw), Tapp and Sing visit Gordon at the hospital, Detective Tapp and Detective Sing immediately went to the Angel of Mercy Hospital, where Lawrence Gordon was working.

If the player chooses the "Truth" door, Tapp chases Jigsaw and catches him, but he finds that it was Melissa Sing. David Tapp is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. Tapp's involvement in the Jigsaw investigation was mentioned in the "Full Disclosure Report," a documentary focusing on Jigsaw's earliest crimes. Portrayed by Upon Tapp finding and saving her, Melissa leaves Tapp to deal with his other tests. https://fictions-characters.fandom.com/wiki/David_Tapp?oldid=17263. Once they exposed themselves, Jigsaw activated the trap forcing them to choose between arresting him or saving the victim. I'm gonna close this case. He also appears as a playable character in Saw: The Video Game (2009) and Dead by Daylight (2018). When Tapp's son, Michael, exposed that Tapp and Sing broke into Jigsaw's hideout without a warrant, a media scandal started, which resulted in Tapp being discharged from the police force. Fictional Characters Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

He was a Detective who worked within the Metropolitan Police Department. Jigsaw had chosen him to participate in one of his gruesome games because Paul had sliced his wrists earlier, not because of depression but rather to attract attention. Detective David Tapp investigates a series of crime scenes linked to the same murderer. Er ist erfolgreicher Bauingenieur, hochintelligent und zudem auch ein hingebungsvoller Ehemann. Chief of Police (supervisor)Steven Sing (friend and partner)†Allison Kerry (former colleague)†Mark Hoffman (former colleague)Lawrence Gordon (suspect)Adam Stanheight (employed)†Zep Hindle (enemy and killer)†Ron Willis (former colleague)[src]Samuel Cuomo (psychiatrist)[scr] He serves as the secondary protagonist of the first Saw film. We're gonna close it, Sing! He serves as the secondary protagonist of the first Saw film. (Saw), Moments later, Jigsaw arrived, disguised with a black cloak and hood. In the sequel Saw II: Flesh & Blood, case files revealed Tapp believed Zep was the Jigsaw Killer and gave his description to the police. At one of the crime scenes, Tapp and Sing discovered a penlight belonging to Dr. Lawrence Gordon, who was brought to the police station for questioning. CHAPTER VII: The SAW™ Chapteris the seventh Chapter DLC forDead by Daylight .
Minutes later, Tapp and Sing arrived at the factory. Even though his alibi was confirmed by Carla, Detective Sing asked him to stay a little longer and listen to the interrogation of Amanda Young, whom they requested to repeat her testimony in Gordon's presence as they wanted to see his reaction. I'll close it. Convinced that Gordon was the killer, Tapp rented a run-down flat across from the doctor's apartment and focused on observing him from then on. However, he suffered a mental breakdown due to his role in Sing's death.

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