A simple online birthday calculator by date of birth (DOB) to find your current age and the number of days left for your next birthday. Very happy for my phone to do the thinking for me. This is handy for both Primary and Secondary schools alike. Our industry-leading school MIS software, and school Pupil Tracker, empower teachers and leaders to harness data and realise the potential of every pupil, across all of your schools. Christian era and japanese calendar conversion table, Calculate the 72 divisions of the solar year, Calculate the 24 divisions of the solar year, Calculate the 28 mansions of Chinese astronomy, Calculate the 12 words used to mark the old calendar.

Date of birth ranges for academic year September 2020 to August 2021. … what an absolute life saver and I love the ‘things to think about’ bit! This free age calculator computes age in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds, given a date of birth. For example a child with a birthday of 21st September 2004 would be age 7 on 1st September 2012 so would be in year 3 from 1st September 2012. It changes as new year on April 2, previous year on April 1. The list of entrance and graduation year calculated by date of birth is displayed.

For example a child with a birthday of 21st September 2004 would be age 7 on 1st September 2012 so would be in year 3 from 1st September 2012. Brilliant!

Fill in the pupil's date of birth below and our handy pupil age calculator tool will tell you their age and academic year group.

Possible Birthdays: August 31, 1999— August 30, 2000 First Year 2011—2012 School Year: Graduate in: 2017—2018 School Year: Age: 11 or 12 when character arrives for school year. Calculate age and year group. This is handy for both Primary and Secondary schools alike. The app is extremely easy to use. For latest updates, new features and much more, subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter. Neither repeating a year nor the failed student are included in the calculation. (Elementary school: 6 years, Junior high school: 3 years, High school: 3 years, Junior college: 2 years, Four‐year university: 4 years,). You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in our, [email protected] I found the additional year group specific information to be very helpful. Enter your childs first name and date of birth and the results page will tell you: You can add more than one child by clicking “add child” and you will get a results page for all children entered. When you enter the date of birth and click the button "calculate entrance and graduation year,", the age of each entrance and graduation of elementary school, junior high school, high school, junior college, and four‐year university is calculated by the Christian era and japanese calendar and displayed. Our guide includes school ages, timing of exams and questions to consider at each stage of education. Love it, will be keeping it handy for daily use. Will be keeping this next to my keyboard for daily use.

Powerful, flexible, customisable: Quickly and easily understand all your schools from one access point. Date of birth. Make informed decisions with easy to use reporting and analysis for attendance, behaviour, attainment and progress. Date of birth School year 2020-2021 Age; September 2004 - August 2005: Year 11: 15 - …

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