A square on your health line may indicate surgery due to the heart problem.

If your health line is very short or made up of many short lines, it indicates an overall weak and sick body. In fact, the straighter the line, the better your health is.

W. atch out for heart disease or a cerebral hemorrhage.

If one of these branches crosses the fate line, it could be indicative of loss or fatality in a romantic relationship. An island formation (line splits into two then rejoins) shows a period of poor health or weakened constitution. If the island is large, it may indicate a mammary gland disease in a female. With the continuing of the line, the condition is liable to pass. If your health line extends to the lifeline and ends there, it’s may indicate a weak cardiovascular system which affects your normal blood circulation. However, I have seen a weak line of mercury on perfectly healthy individuals who say they rarely suffer any illness. If the Heart Line starts between the index and middle finger, you may be too quick to give your love away.

A cross beside your health line could indicate that you are prone to accidents.

You’re healthy and have no health problems to speak of.
The Health line or Mercury line also called a line of the liver describes a person’s overall state of health.

Health Line Markings on the Palm. If you are a woman and have a star right at the point where the head line and health line cross, this may mean you suffer from infertility or may experience tougher deliveries when giving birth. Breaks in your health line indicate a problem with your digestive system. Meanwhile, spots is an omen of illness and red spots may suggest fever and inflammation. With every appearance, variation or defect in the line, as always, look to other indicators. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Basic Reading for Questions Via Page Messenger, Life Guidance From the Palms and Fingerprints, Palmistry Lines Destiny Palmistry 2 eBook, Claim Your Power and Succeed in Everything, Succeed in Everything Claim Your Power book, Health Signs from Fingernail Colour - Destiny Palmistry, Money Triangle and Other Money Lines - Destiny Palmistry, White Fingernails and Other Health Warnings - Destiny Palmistry, Poison Line or Allergy Line Meaning on the Palm - Destiny Palmistry, Code of Ethics in Palmistry and Tarot Reading, Achievement Lines and the Line of Ambition, Destiny Palmistry Blog, Books and Services, Palmistry Workshops in Brisbane Australia, Palmistry Video List to Learn Hand Analysis.

It usually starts on the Mount of Moon (lower ulnar area) and runs upward towards the Mount of Mercury. If the individual is willing to face their own demons in order to get out of their own way, they could right the ship and achieve whatever they want in their career.

It can show the health is not as robust as it could be.

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