Due to this, the events that led Danny to become him were averted.

Danny Phantom

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. He managed to succeed in "Reign Storm" when he fought against Pariah Dark and managed to lock him back in his palace. Interests [16][17] However, as Danny Phantom and Valerie were often forced to work together against their mutual foes, Danny Fenton began to see things from Valerie's perspective and gradually warmed up to her, even going so far as to briefly express romantic feelings toward her. 1989 Movies & TV Amino is a community which showcases film and television content. Hit the "Tweet" button at the top ↑ 2.


Powers/Skills He frequently wears warms colors and casual clothing.In his Ghost Form, Danny's hair glows snow white, becoming much longer and prone to movement.

The two dated briefly in "Flirting With Disaster" before she broke up with him over her current job as a ghost hunter (unaware Danny faced the same dilemma, too).

Examples of this include the deaths of his family and friends inadvertently causing him to turn evil, the moment when he believed that he had failed to protect Dani from Vlad, and the brief time when he gave up his powers after Masters' Blasters upstaged and humiliated him into thinking himself obsolete and useless. Normal The first was in.

In "Bitter Reunions", Danny met Vlad Masters, a millionaire bachelor and Packer's fanatic who went to college with his parents. However, his hair and eyes resemble those of his father Jack Fenton. She undeniably has a crush on Danny, but so far she has hidden it from him well.

In "The Ultimate Enemy", Danny witnessed an alternate future where he gave up his human half after an accident killed his friends and family, causing him to become fully ghost and much more powerful, but ultimately extremely evil.

On the downside, he can sometimes become overconfident and impulsive, assuming he can defeat anyone easily or do whatever he wants without any consequences.

The green glowing throughout his suit reflects the power gained when a ghost goes into the Fenton Glove. He was so depressed that, despite his friends' protests, he used the Fenton Portal to remove all his ghost powers, becoming fully human again. When he's not worried about ghosts, Danny is naturally kind, easy-going, and helpful.

He was unsure about telling his parents about the accident and was still trying to get the hang of his powers, often losing control of them at inopportune and embarrassing moments. When Danny was younger, he and his big sister Jazz were quite close, but as they grew older, they became more at odds with each other. Appearance

Danny Phantom wears a black jumpsuit with white boots, collar, belt, and forearm-length gloves. His birthday is unknown.

Origin His major comeuppance in the Amity Park's public eyes came in "Public Enemies" when Walker, a ghost cop, took revenge on Danny by ambushing the entire city, going as far as possessing the mayor, and framing Danny Phantom for all of it, causing the public to shun the ghost boy.

In his Human Form, Danny is Caucasian with black hair and blue eyes.

She planned not to tell Danny until Danny was ready to tell her, which occurred in "The Ultimate Enemy". He has black hair.

Fenton WorksTeam Phantom

Unlike Paulina, who likes Danny's ghost side and ignores his human side, Valerie hated Danny's ghost side and liked his human side.

Danny is a certificated junior astronaut. Afterwards, Dani thanked Danny for his help and they shared a hug until Dani parts ways with him again, intending to do her own good in the world.

It was fear that triggered his ghost ray when.

This could also explain how Danny's emotions were connected to the weather when he temporarily obtained atmokinetic powers in ", Danny hated the holidays due to his parents constant bickering over Santa's existence, leading Danny in a situation when his parents didn't pay attention, as seen in "The Fright Before Christmas!

Occupation Siblings It is never featured in the show. Jazz's behavior is intelligent in a sometimes snobbish manner, which annoys Danny despite Jazz's concern for her little brother. Not only does the fame affect his day-to-day life, but it has long term consequences.

He uses the Ecto-Dejecto on her, but it seemed to have no effect on her, causing her to fade away, leaving a saddened Danny. Budding

The thermos has been replaced by a glove (Fenton Glove) that acts as the Fenton Thermos as well as powering his suit. I believe Butch Hartman tweeted earlier this year that Danny would be in college by now, so he might have been aging canonically all along. TV Show Premiered on April 3 #3.       Icy Blue (Human)      Neon Green (Ghost)      Red (under Freakshow's control)[1]      Gray (body-switched with Poindexter)[2]

Managing to convince a reluctant Valerie, she and Danny charge into Vlad's manor where Dani was currently being destabilized by Plasmius. Daniel[12] "Danny" Fenton, also known by his alias Danny Phantom, is the titular protagonist of the television series Danny Phantom. During the course of the series Skulker has tried to kill Danny and turn him into some sort of a trophy, beforehand declaring only to "plan on simply capturing you and letting you live the rest of your life in a cage" before ultimately vowing to "rest your pelt at the foot of my bed!" Prior to the series, in "My Brother's Keeper" when Danny was still 8-years-old, brother and sister had talked all the time--before Jazz became, as Danny once stated, "a fink" (and a "conceited snob").

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