Daniel Roebuck has been married three times. [Who talked about his family acting in the same theater] Skye's mother Helen McCole taught my wife dance at the Pennsylvania Playhouse. Over the next few years while still in Pennsylvania, Roebuck continued to hone his craft, acting in, directing, and even writing over 40 plays. Having made his feature film debut starring in the teen comedy Cavegirl Daniel Roebuck quickly realized that there was only one direction to travel in his career. Just a simple reminder that article is created and owned only by marriedbiography.org. Daniel Roebuck real name is Daniel Randall James Roebuck. Roebuck also starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Quints (2000), as well as the Nickelodeon original film, Shredderman Rules (2007). He even has a large collection of monster toys and sci-fi and horror films memorabilia. Up! He also appeared in Don Coscarelli's cult favorite Bubba Ho Tep as well as the director's Reggie's Tales and John Dies At The End.Daniel has also been a familiar face on television for nearly 3 decades, he was a regular for three seasons on the evergreen hit drama, Matlock, portraying attorney 'Cliff Lewis," the junior partner of the law firm headed by Andy Griffith's beloved character, 'Ben Matlock.' In the following year, he landed the roles of Medevac CO in the war film “We Were Soldiers”, next to Mel Gibson, and Mac Reeves in the made-for-TV family drama “Mary Christmas”.

That face looks familiar. Other Movies for television include A Family Lost, A Glimpse Of Hell, Murder At The Presidio, Shredderman Rules, A Borrowed Life, Quints and many others. As his obsession with performing grew his parents unwittingly fomented his future by gifting him with a cardboard TV on his seventh Christmas.At the age of 10, he started performing in talent shows doing impressions of movie stars he loved.

In 2001, Daniel played Agent Norville in the action comedy crime “Double Take”, portrayed PO Dale Mortensen in the made-for-TV drama “A Glimpse Of Hell”, and featured as Dale Fortunato in the short comedy film “eMale”. Is Tom Selleck gay? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He has appeared in numerous other guest roles in television programs and in many feature films including Bryan Loves You, River's Edge, and Dudes.

He reprised his role of the Rob Zombie character Morris Green, providing that voice in the animated film The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (2009), and starred in the film, A Fork in the Road (2009). My perception of myself is that I'm just a tall guy. He has collaborated with filmmaker Rob Zombie on Halloween, Halloween 2, Devil's Rejects, and Lords of Salem (as well as a commercial for AMDRO, the insecticide). He appeared in his first film role in 1985, the lead in Cavegirl. He also played the role of US Marshal Bob Biggs in The Fugitive and U.S. From 1996 to 2000, he played the recurring role of Inspector Richard ‘Rick’ Bettina in the CBS police crime drama series “Nash Bridges” but at the same time continued to work on films, and appeared in such roles as Detective Williams in the 1997 buddy action comedy “Money Talks”, alongside Charlie Sheen and Chris Tucker; Dougie Westa in the 1998 independent comedy-drama “Together & Alone”; and Agent Weine in the 2000 supernatural horror “Final Destination”, directed by James Wong. Concurrently he worked on film title, playing Morris Green in the 2005 horror “The Devil’s Rejects”, featuring as Charles Covner in the 2006 comedy-drama “Flourish”, and portrayed Amos in the 2007 sci-fi comedy “Trail Of The Screaming Forehead”. He will also feature as Senator Tobias in the upcoming sci-fi film “Colonials”, which is currently under post-production. Daniel Roebuck. So the whole project feels like a homecoming for me. [Who met his friend, while acquiring a love for horror movies] I said to Rob, 'Hey, we need to be buddies because we like the same stuff.'. Daniel gained worldwide recognition when he joined the ABC drama series “Lost”, portraying Dr. Leslie Arzt from 2005 to 2010. Reed in the mystery thriller drama “InSight”. Often times, yes, many times, no. Daniel Roebuck Net Worth, Early Life, Nationality, Ethnicity, Educational Background. Tammy and I took a trip back in time this Christmas morning! Posted by Daniel Roebuck on Monday, October 5, 2015. From 2005 until 2010, he had a recurring role in the television drama Lost, appearing as Dr. Arzt in nine episodes. Having made his feature film debut starring in the teen comedy Cavegirl Daniel Roebuck quickly realized that there was only one direction to travel in his career. He has also appeared as the FBI Agent Weine in Final Destination. In his spare time, Daniel writes articles about horror films for various publications. In 2006 Daniel founded THE Saint Francis Stage Company.Behind the camera, Roebuck has produced, written and directed/co-directed a number of documentaries including Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America and it's sequel as well as Goolians, Movieland Memories and a number of documentaries for the Monsterama series.Daniel has fulfilled nearly every dream of his childhood like appearing in Mad Magazine, becoming a toy and a Halloween mask and having his mug on a few trading cards.When not performing, Roebuck writes articles about Horror Movies, raises two children, teaches The Audition is the Job Experience and mentors young actors. He also began performing stand up comedy.Now, nearly 30 years later, Roebuck has amassed a substantial resume as an actor, writer and director. Daniel's voice over work includes Christmas Is Here Again (a film he also produced),The Haunted World Of El Super Beasto and the groundbreaking video game, L.A. Noire.The theater remains Roebuck's first love and he has continued that passion in the Los Angeles area. As producer and writer. His zodiac sign is Pisces. One of Roebuck's more memorable roles was as Jay Leno in the 1996 HBO made-for-TV film The Late Shift. In 2020, he played Jack in Andre Welsh’s drama “Disrupted”, and portrayed Sheriff Denny Wilson in the horror “Penance Lane”.

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