No doubt. This is one of Mexico’s favorite college towns, specifically because of the numerous medical schools. Reports of sexual assault against U.S. citizens mostly occur in popular tourist destinations. This all happened outside of a nightclub at 3am and I am sure there was alcohol involved.

Two people riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk near Chapultepec are assumed to be up to no good. Make sure to always check the license plates of your Uber before stepping into the car. Rural areas are often under-policed, as Mexican authorities concentrate their limited police resources on urban areas. All the taxistas I spoke with were very keen to point out where the brothels and streetwalkers were at, I guess they were on commission . Criminals may obtain information from social networking websites. The Calzada de la Independencia runs north to south splitting the metro area in two. Reduce the risk of carjacking by limiting travel in rural areas, limiting intercity travel to daylight hours, and limiting use of, Road conditions in urban areas vary considerably. There is all sort of petty theft. Keep in mind though, when traveling, it is essential to know that the Guadalajara crime rate is known to be quite high, and can make you think ‘is Guadalajara safe?’. The region is also a significant methamphetamine production area. In fact, Guadalajara is one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico for national tourism (Mexican tourists). The Consulate is not aware of any protests targeting U.S. private-sector interests in recent years. Also, during summer storms, the streets can flood quite heavily. Cartel fighting over control of the port has been a major contributing factor to the increase in Colima’s homicide rates.

Drug trafficking continues to be a significant issue throughout Mexico, affecting the security climate and influencing local politics. Take precautions if you are going to be outdoors. I don’t know anybody that has been robbed in an Uber pool but a while ago there was a another story floating around the internet that people were using Uber pool to rob all the passengers they were sharing a ride with.

The governor of the state of Puebla infamously states that the poor are immune from Covid-19. Mexicans know how to eat well. Uber and Taxi service from the airports is also safe. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. According to the Informador Newspaper, this is the area with the most arrests for drug sales. In rural areas, public health facilities are often the only option, and the level of care can be substantially lower than that in major cities.

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