The campaign appeared to use the page for broadcasting rallies and campaign events. According to The Verge, the allegations against SayNoToRage led to a deluge of stories involving other streamers. During a livestream on March 25, 2020, he said that he wasn't doing any damage to the enemy and would need to get the Black Cleaver, a powerful damage-boosting item. According to The Gamer, Alinity's attempt to punish herself for the slip has caused even more backlash against her, as people accuse her of "twisting the situation to make it look like she's taking responsibility for her actions.".

I would love to have a conversation w/ @billieeilish or something about how tf she coped with coming up so quick because this shit is hell behind the scenes lmao. It’s a sign that Twitch may be starting to take moderating streams a lot more seriously. Other streamers were seemingly banned over sexual harassment allegations. Insider quoted a now-deleted tweet from RiceGum, who said he planned to "take this time to reflect on mistakes."

If past stories are any indication, the streamer is no stranger to controversy. It was originally believed that one of the women had shown part of her breast, scoring RiceGum a temporary ban for nudity. ", that the same bot clocked at a mere 10 minutes, a hurtful and insensitive joke about intentionally spreading COVID-19, because the world would be a better place without old and poor people, she had been "indefinitely suspended" for hateful conduct, her ban was lifted and she would be returning to streaming, the problem was actually the content of the stream.

That would be pretty big news on its own, but the kicker here is that most people still have no idea why it happened.

Kaceytron was hit with a 10-day ban following a hurtful and insensitive joke about intentionally spreading COVID-19. Or perhaps not, as RiceGum's period of reflection didn't last very long. Twitch has repeatedly declined to confirm why (or even whether) Dr Disrespect was banned — there were not public allegations against him — and the streamer has said he has not been told why his channel disappeared. Carmen - The Vixens First Mission starting off well. That episode of The Rajj Show aired on March 11, 2020. Discover more every day. She had been reading appeals from people banned from her channel, according to Dexerto, and realized too late that this particular one had a raunchy image attached. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. And then there's Lirik, who got his Twitch account disabled for a whopping 42 minutes. The racist language it banned Trump for is often allowed on other platforms due to his role as a politician and president of the United States. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. It's possible the accumulation of errors caused RiceGum to rethink his approach a little bit. She immediately stopped the stream and took down the offending video, which she believed would prevent any punishment from Twitch.

He also added that the extra pressure of having his physical appearance revealed to the world would be unimaginable to him during the ongoing adjustment to his newly-found fame. “I can’t imagine my physical appearance being out there on top of that, sounds crazy,” he simply explained. Dr Disrespect is the largest name on Twitch’s ban list so far. So it should be okay," she was quoted as saying. “I give her the benefit of a doubt that she doesn’t really get what she’s doing, since a lot of her humor comes from Twitch chat, but she needs to realize what she’s saying.”. The bot gave the total length of Lirik's ban as "42 minutes, 22 seconds, 584 milliseconds." Justified or not, xQc's ban was soon over and he was back to business as usual. Another Brazilian streamer found himself on the business end of the banhammer more than once in 2020 after using slurs on stream.

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