Cal przez pewny czas płynął łodzią ratunkową wraz z kilkoma innymi ludźmi.

Rommel | Vic Deakins | Vanessa | Xibalba | Dante | Harvester Queen |

Lou the Goanna |

Cecil Fredericks | Golden Circle (Poppy Adams, Bennie and Jet, Beauty-Bot, Clara Von Gluckfberg, Angel & Charles) | in 1993 treasure hunter Brock Lovett began a hunt for the heart of the ocean but was unsuccessful for 3 years. Minotaur | However, he interrupted them and began to flirt with Rose (much to her disgust). Rose revealed that she didn't sell it despite being so poor becuase she thought of Hockley and wanted to make it through life without his help so she kept it as a reminder of this mission. Blue Sky Villains | While Cal was oblivious to this, Rose tried to commit suicide in order to avoid the arranged marriage, which she was completely against. Na pokładzie szukał Rose, lecz nie mógł jej znaleźć, ponieważ ona ukryła się między pasażerami trzeciej klasy. Flaunting his wealthBullying anyone of lower social standingTrying to discredit Jack Dawson Following dinner, Rose joins up with Jack in third class for a party where they are caught in the act of dancing by Lovejoy. Reggie and Arthur | Cal

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jungle Hunter | He is the arrogant, rich fiance of Rose DeWitt Bukater. Dr. Otto Hasslein | Happy Chapman | Dr. Zaius | Boss | John | He eventually learns from Lovejoy that Rose has already freed Jack and that they are on the other side waiting to board another lifeboat, much to his anger. Ultimate Predator |

Not much else is known about his early life. Major-Domo | Caledon è un giovane di ricca famiglia, figlio di Nathan Hockley, magnate dell'acciaio di Pittsburgh. Harvesters | Na pokład wszedł też jego lokaj o imieniu Lovejoy. The boat he was on however became trapped but was freed when one of Jack's friends Frabizio cut it loose. Rat | Mayor Kobayashi | Steel industry tycoonMillionaire Cal first appeared in the Southampton harbor when the Titanic is ready to depart for its maiden voyage, boarding with Rose, Ruth, and Lovejoy. Von Schreiber | However, she was stopped by a 20-year-old third class boy whom she saw earlier on the ship named Jack Dawson who convinced her not to kill her self. Antarctic Queen Xenomorph | Alien vs Predator Villains | Malcolm Bart | Chris Rodriguez | Despite her hatred for him, she took the jacket that Cal was wearing that he gave her (however he forgot that the Heart of the Ocean was in it). Joseph Korso | Curly |

Unwilling to leave Jack on the sinking Titanic, Rose jumps off the lifeboat into one of the lower decks of the ship before reuniting with Jack on the grand staircase. A few minutes later Cal witnessed Frabizio get crushed by a steam stack. When Ruth told Rose to get into the boat, she said "Goodbye, mother" and left. He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Daredevil Villains | Soldier Sam | He was tall, standing at 6' 0½" (1.84 m). Franz | Queen of Hearts | Edward Hyde | Ruth arranged a marriage between Rose and Cal despite Rose's dislike towards him and they were to marry in Philadelphia before the sinking of the ship. Ludmilla | It's unknown what happened to his mother. Screwface | Lefty McGinnis | Damien Thorn |

American Dad! Cal continues to keep shooting at Jack and Rose until they reach the flooding first class dining room where the gun runs out of bullets and could not keep up with them as the room is flooding. VIKI | Cal Hockley | Andrew Detmer | Nat Jones |

Realizing now that he cannot bribe any of the officers to let him board the lifeboat, Cal goes back to grab the child he saw earlier and pushes his way through the crowd again where he confronts Chief Officer Henry Wilde and convinces him to let him on by passing off the child as his own. Mr. Smith | Rose saved Jack, however. Napoleon Cross | Nelson Muntz | Ida Kenzel | Cal commented on this by saying "not the better half" and that Jack's drawing would be a lot worth more by morning indirectly telling her that Jack would be dead by then. Valentine Corporation (Richmond Valentine, Gazelle, Charlie Hesketh, Chester King & Morten Lindström) | Chiren | Howard Payne | As the survivors are taken in by the arriving ship RMS Carpathia, Cal desperately tries to find Rose, but the latter hid herself away in steerage from plain sight. Zapan | Futurama Villains | He was portrayed by Billy Zane, who also played Hughie Warriner in Dead Calm, Match in Back to the Future, The Collector in Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight, and Ansem in Kingdom Hearts. Dreyfus |

Ele fica cada vez mais invejoso e cruel sobre a relação de Rose com Jack. Jimbo Jones | Broly | During dinner, Cal watches as Ruth attempts to humiliate Jack in front of the others by trying to expose him as a steerage passenger, although Jack saves himself from being humiliated and earned up the respect of the other first class passengers, much to Cal's annoyance. Gabe Ugliano | King Koo Koo | Cal prepared to take her back to his room but one of the rich people told him to give something to Jack. Cal however remains on board the lifeboat, but the boat remains trapped due to no one cutting the falls of the boat. Eliminate Jack Dawson (abandoned).Marry Rose DeWitt Bukater (failed).Escape the Titanic (succeeded). His widow, children and other money-grubbing members of the Hockley family "fought like hyenas" over what was left of Cal's remaining estate.

Die Hard Villains | Tracker Predator | Goals Lester Vesco | Going against Lovejoy's advice to board on the nearby lifeboat (as architect Bruce Ismay is helping some men board the lifeboat before hopping on himself), Cal decides to confront Rose and gives her his jacket, but Rose refuses to board the lifeboat without Jack. This page lists people with the surname Hockley. They set up in a luxury room where he made fun of Rose's taste in art but she ignored him and continued talking to her maid/friend Trudy.

He mocked Rose's taste of art portraits, saying that the artists (such as Pablo Picasso) would never amount to much and that the paintings were sold cheap, much to Rose's annoyance. Wendell | Ian Hawke | Jennifer Check | At the boat deck, Cal laughs at Ruth's concern about the lifeboats being overcrowded as she demanded that they be sorted out by class, prompting an outraged Rose to berate her mother by exclaiming that that are not enough lifeboats and that half of the people in the ship will die.
Mendez I | Durza | He tried to get on a lifeboat after making a deal with William Murdoch but he threw the money back in his face. Garfield Villains | Limbo | X-Files Villains | A few minutes later, he watches with horror as the ship's first funnel collapses into the water, killing Fabrizio and several other swimmers who were directly under it when it fell, much to Cal's horror. Attar | Mike | Alice Ribbons |

He also proved to be quite manipulative, as he was able to (briefly) frame Jack for the supposed theft of a rare diamond to have him arrested by the master-at-arms, as well as deliberately ditching his bodyguard Spicer Lovejoy by convincing him to get the diamond for himself by killing Jack, much to Lovejoy's frustration.

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