English and Verbal Reasoning: Bucks children do not need to register) Preparation Test: Tuesday 8th September, 2020 Transfer Test Date: 10th September, 2020 Results: Wednesday 16th October, 2020 Ideal for primary school education and selective school exams. London Borough of Redbridge 11+ For the September 2018 test (2019 admission) the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools will be reverting to using GL Assessment as the supplier for the test, following 5 years of testing by Durham CEM. Bucks children do not need to register) we put our money where our mouth is! Key Dates for 2020 Entry This information is for those currently in Year 5 of primary school and will be sitting The Secondary Transfer Test (11+) in September 2019. The school has around 1,200 pupils and also has a sixth form. If you do register your child for testing and then change your mind, tell us straight away and we will withdraw them. High KS2 SATs scores are also a back door route in to the selective stream. 3/ Visit each school if you can. Eleven Plus Home » 11 Plus Schools » 11 Plus Regions » Buckinghamshire 11 Plus. (CEM Select 2/ In addition to your chosen Grammar School (s) it is advisable to fully understand which comprehensive schools might provide another option. Dr Challoner’s Grammar School is a boys’ school that is recognised as one of the leading state grammar schools in the country. Coronavirus and Secondary Transfer Testing (29 July), 27-30 October (out of county children) and. Children at private schools within the county and those attending schools outside Buckinghamshire must actively apply to take the test. Queen School $("#"+i).width($("#"+i).find("img:first").width()); Score a qualifying score in a 11+ test from C.E.M or your money back. The NVR also contain more spatial reasoning questions. Just £750 for our 11+ preparation course with our money back guarantee. The school has around 1,100 pupils and also progresses to year 13. Tuesaday 1st September 2020  One is CEM ® and the other is GL Assessment ®. High KS2 SATs scores are also a backdoor route in to the selective stream. No party can discover the confidential contents of test papers prior to them being used for the first time. Additional Dates for Warwickshire: Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd Sept, 2020,  Application and test process for the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Test. CEM does not produce or endorse any commercially available practice papers, mock tests, preparation material, tuition, or coaching classes or schemes. Children will answer questions on separate answer sheets. Wednesday, 16th September, 2020 morning for Bexley primary school children over 30 different types of NVR question examples There are around 1,100 pupils at this school, which goes up to year 13. But, take the Warwickshire 11+ on 12th September, 2020, Shropshire, Walsall & Wolverhampton 11+ Consortium To assess your chances of gaining a place at your preferred school you can view our summary of past Allocation Profiles (Distances). 11+ for Grammar School Entry in Buckinghamshire. All regions can sit the Walsall; Wolverhampton, and Shropshire 11+. Townley Grammar School, Buckinghamshire Transfer Test (Bucks 11+)

June – October – Open Events At Most Grammar Schools. This school has often featured in the top 50 schools in the state school performance tables. Registration Deadlines 2020. Paper 2 covers Verbal and Non-verbal/Spatial Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning is diverse and includes maths, CEM 11+ Preparation Material Recommendations, Altrinham Grammar School, Sale Grammar School, Stetford Grammar School & Urmston Grammar School, Note many Kent schools use tests from GL Assessment.

There are two major suppliers of selective 11+ tests in England. Don't worry, 11-plus preparation material and. The CEM 11+ test More information can be found about the GL exam and what it contains here.

A paper may contain 4-6 individually timed short sections from different topics. Some tests include all 3 three components, whilst others do not. These are known as “Partner Schools”. Score the qualifying mark or your money back, we cannot be fairer that this! Please note that some Academies, as well as Foundation, Free and Voluntary-Aided schools, may have different deadlines – check their rules. Buckinghamshire (Bucks) is one of the last remaining Counties where education is fully selective. (for children outside Bucks only). If your child goes to one of these partner schools and you would like to register for the Grammar School entrance exam you must do so by the June before your child sits the exam. Purchase from the shop now. There tends to be two papers each of around 50-minutes duration which contain multiple individually timed short sections, each beginning with example questions. Torbay & Devon 11+ Consortium 25th June 2020 Open evening information for all Bucks schools, including grammar schools, is published on the Buckinghamshire County Council website each year. Illness on Secondary Transfer Test day and Late Tests.

Get our learning tips, guides and offers direct to your inbox. Here's the link to register online, you don’t have to pay for anything. Ofsted has rated the school as outstanding and the school are keen to encourage girls in sports and the arts outside of the classroom. Holcombe Grammar School for Boys; Chatham Grammar School for Girls; Fort Pitt Grammar School (for Girls); Rainham Mark Grammar School (Gillingham - Mixed); Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School (Rochester, Boys); The Howard School (Rainham, Boys); The Rochester Grammar School (Girls) Deadline 2 nd week in July. Chelsmford County High  School for Girls   (CCHS) Harvey Grammar School The raw scores are age-standardised to produce a single combined score, ensuring summer born children are not disadvantaged. Candidates can also take the Warwickshire 11+ and Monday 21st September, 2020, SATURDAY 12th September 2020 The Highcrest Academy was previously known as Highcrest Community School. How do I enter my child for the 11+ in Buckinghamshire? 2021 Entry (Verbal Reasoning only) What is the format of CEM 11+ tests? When deciding which children to offer a place, grammar schools do not use test scores to rank order children. Research shows the majority of students are extensively prepared for 11+ tests, especially tests from CEM. That’s one thing that you don’t need to worry about! 27th June 3:00pm – Deadline: Secondary Transfer Test Registration Closes. cSs("slider2"); If your child goes to a Buckinghamshire local authority primary, we register them for the Secondary Transfer Test. Aptitude Test for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Grammar school entry depends on your child scoring 121 or above in the test or qualifying through the Selection Review Process. Please note that the information presented here is from the Buckinghamshire County Council Website. Verbal Reasoning booklets & mock tests included, all for just £750 from the shop which includes online content from WordBuilder & CoolCleverKids. Any Bucks selective for out of area candidates?

A back door route as children are taught alongside the selective stream. Churston Ferrers Grammar; Torquay Boys' Grammar; Torquay Girls' Grammar, John Hampden is an outstanding grammar school for boys promoting excellence across academics, sports and leadership.

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