The reader or teller would actively engage the audience to prompt a response, which would either alter or further immerse the audience in the story based on the response. The sound samples are grouped into four categories: narrative (48 samples), ambience (25 samples), movement (6 samples), and other sounds (40 samples), some of which also were considered reaction sounds for special events in the story (see Supplementary Material where each category has their own colored tag for a quick overview of the complexity of the resulting short story).

Additionally, since such a kind of system does not include any graphics in the prototype, practically all computing power will be available for audio-processing. Moreover, each recording was numbered and placed in chronological order, and each story segment was placed to take the user through the narrative in the correct order. It could be concluded that the head tracker and remote were both working efficiently enough to go into final testing. However, we've seen a revival recently alongside virtual reality, where binaural audio is an absolute must-have. Most studies use questionnaires to quantify it, but this method is sensitive to the user’s opinion, mood, and other external factors that the experiment setup cannot control [38]. Unlike narrated audiobooks, our binaural audio stories come to life around you. A unique version, with a name of your choice as the main character’s, spoken by the main characters throughout the game. In the supplementary material, we provide the shortened narrative of Stephen King’s Strawberry Springs and the storyboard built upon it for our study.

Enclosed virtual rooms correspond to static scenes, in which the user's position (not orientation) is fixed. The purpose of the proposed evaluation is to measure state immersion in a fear-inducing experience.

This is particularly relevant for echolocation abilities, which rely on DOA of echos in the room which could be effectively rendered with current VR technologies [24], such as those employed in this study (see Section 2.2 on binaural audio technologies).

Using a combination of heart rate monitoring and follow-up questionnaires was possible to determine the level of fear-induced emotion experienced, providing insight into the user’s emotional involvement in the narrative.

Additionally, making the user an integrated part of the story gives potential for high immersiveness.

Such a framework could be extended to podcasts and radio broadcasting in general considering mobile VR, e.g., smartphone-required devices such as Google Daydream ( or Samsung Gear VR, and all-in-one devices such as Oculus Go and Quest ( Spatial sound in the soundscape, such as cafeteria background sound and quiet conversations, and sound effects, such as wolf howls and crickets chirping, were actively placed around the users while they proceed in the time-line of the story. Mainly, there was little control over the participant’s initial heart rate, so a baseline resting heart rate could not be established. Creating an Audio Story with Interactive Binaural Rendering in Virtual Reality, Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Copenhagen 2450, Denmark, Pausing the narrative, allowing the user to explore the soundscapes, Adjusting the relative volume of the soundscape with respect to the narrative, Reading incoming sensor data and assigning the corresponding variable, Parsing the raw string data to a floating-point value that can be used in Unity; a normalization factor was also applied before sending the value, Comparing the value with a noise-threshold, thus not considering very small sensor responses, Applying a gain to the variable controlling the volume, Parsing the button state, i.e., its Boolean value, Sending a pause signal to user movement in the Unity VE if the button press is true, En-queuing the button state and volume for data-logging in a separate thread, Moving their head using the head-tracked headphones, Moving the remote controller horizontally, Monophonic playback without interactions—common technology in audiobook (MA hereafter), Binaural audio stereo playback without interactions—state-of-the-art solutions in audio drama/book (BA hereafter), Binaural audio rendering with interactions—our proposed solution (IVE hereafter), Providing a questionnaire to assess the user’s self-assessment, Q1: The sound experience felt consistent with the real-world experience, Q2: After playing, it took me a moment to recall where I really was, Q3: During the experience, I felt at least one of the following: breathlessness, faster breathing, faster heart rate, tingling in my fingers, a fight-or-flight response, Q4: The story stimulated my reactions (panic, tension, relaxation, suspense, danger, and urgency), Q5: Having to keep up with the speed of the story pulled me in, Q6: The story was energetic, active, and there was a sensation of movement, Q7: The story was thought-provoking for me, Q8: I felt caught up in the flow of the story, An increased feeling of being present by doing something practical with your hands, Confounded, such as the state of mind of the participants before testing, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing,,,,,, It switches sounds but in an unknown way.

Binaural techniques usually refer to methods for recording and reproducing sound with the intent to construct an immersive auditory sensation.

The participants were asked to sit down right away, in order to get their heart rate lowered. Moreover, thanks to the circular interaction between spatial presence and emotions: one can consider VR an affective medium [25] which is able to interact with user’s affective states [26] and memory processes [27]. Listeners used the interaction manager in order to look at the scene transition table for possibilities in the story path.

The auditory system can detect the origin of a sound, elaborating its direction-of-arrival (DOA) through the head-related transfer function (HRTF), and changes in interaural level and time differences. The story’s narrator was then recorded in an anechoic room and played back monophonically, while spatialised sound sources were placed in the soundscape. This commentary will give you the experience of being a game developer at Purple Jam, and an idea of the huge amount of thought that has gone into every aspect of Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story. Like the other sounds stopped moving past me. Our physical interface design revealed that users felt comfortable and natural in navigating a virtual world through auditory feedback with head-tracking.

Binaural audio technologies play an important role in conveying relevant spatial information via headphones in order to acquire the integrated knowledge for spatial orientation and navigation [20].

But traditional 3D games are also starting to use the effect again, especially in cases where 3D perception should go beyond visuals in order to enhance game readability and emotional aspects like tension and immersion. Main components of our prototype: (a) noise-canceling headphones equipped with head tracker; (b) gestural handheld controller (remote). All of the rewards from the previous tiers.. Plus!

The narration clips were separate to the ambient clips and were also triggered by collisions. The narrative was arbitrarily shortened and adapted for this interactive audio medium and its evaluation, trying to identify peculiar aspects of such design process. One of the primary problems with our test was the small sample size.

Only the outputted angular-velocity values (, , ) were used in the computation of user’s movements. This specific story was chosen, based on the genre, duration, and first-person narration. Move left the sound becomes low and muffled. However, in all their titles (more than 10000) Audible produces a year, there has been no significant development to the method of storytelling to improve the listening experience. Spatial orientation also refers to how it is possible to track a user’s location and orientation for rendering purposes. It is worthwhile to notice that music also plays an important role to elicit the proper emotional response during a story.

External uncontrolled stimuli were removed as much as possible. Ironically though, 3D audio only works on PSVR if you use a wired stereo headset. The possibility of an even further interactive story could also potentially be implemented.

Moreover, the ratio between the first and last minute of narration was computed in order to identify a persistent increase in heart rate due to the experience. MA); (b) binaural recordings—static listening (cond. From the raw data, the average heart rate and the deviation from that average were computed for each participant (see Figure 5 for a boxplot representation). It's a way to bring creative projects to life. The nature of the project allows for a great degree of creative freedom, so the type of emotional response the prototype intends to trigger can be adapted according to what is easier to measure. The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest. Michele Geronazzo, Amalie Rosenkvist, David Sebastian Eriksen, Camilla Kirstine Markmann-Hansen, Jeppe Køhlert, Miicha Valimaa, Mikkel Brogaard Vittrup, Stefania Serafin, "Creating an Audio Story with Interactive Binaural Rendering in Virtual Reality", Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, vol.

Sound becomes more clear depending on the direction.

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