Ahhhh, my eye!

Bill Cipher was a triangular dream demon, formerly existent only in the mindscape before succeeding in gaining access to the real world. The people observing are unaware they've fallen asleep until Bill leaves, after which they usually awake with a jolt. The window in the room which stored the forgotten. Press J to jump to the feed. Erased from existence inside of Stanley Pines' mind (unsure); physical form permanently petrified. ", he said, eloquent as ever. When each person that correlates with a symbol stands on a drawn version of the zodiac and they hold hands, it can create a force strong enough to vanquish Bill. After the credits, Bill Cipher’s petrified form is shown in live-action, isolated deep in a forest. 8 Ball and Teeth approach Bill, informing him they failed to eat Dipper. Book 9 of Shmeb You Unlocked contains "Gravitee Funnies," a comic by Stan. In reverse, Gideon is simply saying "backward message" repeatedly. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Remember the universe is a hologram, reality is a illusion, buy gold BYEE. Quote Time is dead, and meaning… Close. Far later in the episode, Bill appears in flashbacks as Ford explains his time spent with the demon to Dipper. 326

In order to prevent Bill's chaos inside someone's mind, one must light nine candles and place one's hand on the victim's forehead. ".

This comes back at him when he fights Mabel over Journal 3, as he eventually falls down, exhausted. Fate "—Bill Cipher after being summoned by Gideon[source], "It's funny how dumb you are!

After Mabel has been informed of Dipper's body having been stolen by him, he finds her with the journal as she is retrieving it for Dipper. Bill's catchphrase "I'm watching you!" With the loss of his human pawn, Bill also lost physical access to the third dimension.

The valley was deemed a "cursed land" by the natives, who evacuated around 1000 AD. He seems to have little knowledge about the human body, specifically its physical limits. Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYE! But instead of escaping to the rest of the world, they hit a strange force field-like energy dome that keeps Bill and his chaos stuck in the town. Bill is not worried by this, calling Mabel's bubble one of his most diabolical traps yet. His arms do not seem to be in any fixed position and can move along the perimeter of his body without any difficulty. Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram.

I'll be watching you..."—Bill Cipher[source], "Sorry kid, but you're MY puppet now!

Realizing now is their chance to rescue Ford, a team composed of the twins, Stan, Soos, McGucket, Wendy, Pacifica, and Sheriff Blubs is ejected out of the Shacktron, using parachutes made out of Mabel's sweaters to land inside the Fearamid.
Weaknesses Bill agrees, but in return, Gideon would have to help him in his own plans, which are not revealed to the viewer. When possessing Dipper's body, Bill is shown to be rather masochistic, hurting himself in various ways for the thrill of it, exclaiming that "pain is hilarious." I know LOTS OF THINGS! Bill finds it "adorable" that the refugees are fighting back, and orders his henchmaniacs to fight them. Bill turns everyone but the Pines family into tapestries.

Goal Bill flies over to Dipper, asking the boy what he could possibly do to defeat him in one shot. Welcome one and all; to Weirdmaggedon! Memory GunZodiacQuantum destabilizerAnything that harms his eye

"—Bill Cipher[source], "Ow! In fact, he is older than time itself, as he is at least 1 trillion years old.

Dipper, who has gotten back to street-level, yells that he's had enough.

and everything on his body that was previously black turns white.

Originally, in "Weirdmageddon Part 1," Bill was going to sing a song titled, ", Bill is seemingly destroyed when Stan's mind is erased with him inside it. Stan reveals that while the demon was chasing Dipper and Mabel, he and Ford swapped clothes and pretended to be each other so that Bill would enter the wrong mind. [7] The encounter with the Axolotl ends with him sending Dipper and Mabel back in time, without any memories of what happened. Bill was happy that inside Ford’s mind is "a perfect, calm, orderly void" (a bleak white landscape) with a single wooden door.
Bill is the main antagonist of Gravity Falls, although he doesn't play a central role in the series until the penultimate Season 1 episode "Dreamscaperers. Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of the Disney XD series Gravity Falls.

"—Bill to Gideon after he calls him insane[source], "A darkness approaches. Meanwhile, Bill is still fighting the Shacktron. Bill himself declares that he controls space, matter and, after getting Time Baby out of the way, time itself. He even allowed the demon to enter his mind; this, along with the amount of information he seemed to simply produce on the spot, made Fiddleford increasingly uneasy of the portal and of Ford's mysterious collaborator, as Ford never mentioned Bill's identity to his partner. I'M BILL CIPHER!

Carved in the wooden fence on the far left.

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But while he reads the combination out loud to Gideon (to whom he is connected), Mabel shoots the memory door into another memory of the bottomless pit with a nyarf dart.

A test of my Bill Cipher impression.

As Bill can't access the third dimension physically at first, summoning him seems to put the people around him into a sleep-like trance that allows him to manifest. I beg to differ! In the real world, Ford takes out the Memory Gun, setting it to erase Stan’s memory completely.

In code on the "July 29th" page in the real-life. Bill either could not see Ford in the thirty years he spent lost in other dimensions or didn't care to, as Ford would remark that they had not seen each other in many years. Posted by. Suddenly, the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron, Blendin Blandin, and the Time Baby barge in, attempting to arrest Bill for possessing Blendin and almost destroying reality.

The file contains pictures and a page ripped out of a book, with images of a pyramid (presumably in Egypt) and the Eye of Providence. Family Dislikes To rule all of reality and existence.

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