A large fire caused a series of smaller but powerful explosions that continued until 2 a.m. on Sunday. This was one of the largest non-nuclear planned explosions on record, and the subject of the first CBC live broadcast coast-to-coast. Volume 4 of Battles and Leaders of the Civil War series p,649 for a larger view of this site, T. Bedford, P. H. A. J. M. van Gelder, 2003, "Safety and reliability: proceedings of the ESREL 2003 European safety and reliability conference", p.1688.

The explosion touched off fires in surrounding buildings in the Nixon Nitration Works that contained other highly flammable materials.

Reports mention no American military casualties. 300 Turkish soldiers were killed in the explosion.

It would require about 250 MOAB blasts to equal the Halifax explosion (2.9 kt). Each test saw the detonation of 500 short tons (450 t) of high explosives.

According to Willmore,[48] the energy released was 1.3×1013 J, or about 3.2 kilotons of TNT equivalent.

The crater is known as Lochnagar Crater after the trench from where the main tunnel was started. On 4 August 2020, a warehouse containing 2,750 tonnes (3,030 short tons) of ammonium nitrate exploded following a fire in the Port of Beirut, Lebanon.

Kulish, Nicholas, "After Munitions Explosion, Albanians Ask Why Danger Was Placed So Near". Damage included buildings on Ellis Island, parts of the Statue of Liberty, and much of Jersey City. On 27 May 1915, the converted minelayer HMS Princess Irene suffered a blast. [55], On 17 September 1964, the offshore disposal of the ship Village, containing 7,348 short tons (6,666 t) of obsolete munitions, caused unexpected detonations five minutes after sinking off New Jersey. In this article, explosion means "the sudden conversion of potential energy (chemical or mechanical) into kinetic energy",[2] as defined by the US National Fire Protection Association, or the common dictionary meaning, "a violent and destructive shattering or blowing apart of something". On 21 September 1921, a BASF silo filled with 4,500 tonnes of fertilizer exploded, killing around 560, largely destroying Oppau, Germany, and causing damage more than 30 km (19 mi) away. On 5 June 1941 it exploded,[36] blasting through the entirety of Smederevo and reaching settlements as far as 10 km (6.2 mi) away.

Little Boy, an atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on  August 6, 1945, exploded with the energy equivalent of 16,000 tons of TNT. 59 people lost their lives, and 185 others seriously wounded; altogether, over 1,300 people were injured or killed.

The largest explosion was estimated to be equivalent to 0.25 kilotons of TNT (1.0 TJ).
5 Of The Biggest Explosions Caught On Video Featured 10/07/2017 in wow Five of the most shocking and terrifying explosions ever caught on camera A series of explosions on 25 May 1917 killed 300 workers. Explosion of 118 tons of hexogen made a 26-metre (85 ft) deep crater, and caused major damage, killing 91 people and injuring 1,500.

On 12 November 1945, when the occupation troops were trying to dispose of 530 tons of ammunition, there was an explosion in a tunnel in Soeda, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu Island. Mont-Blanc carried 2,653 tonnes of various explosives, mostly picric acid.

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As the rear section capsized it also exploded. On 12 September 1940, nearly 300,000 pounds of gunpowder exploded at the Hercules Company in the Kenvil area of Roxbury, New Jersey. The Dutch launched four large hellburners (explosive fire ships filled with gunpowder and rocks) to destroy the bridge and thereby isolate the city from reinforcement. They are rough estimates and are not authoritative. The Water Birds Say So", http://naufragios.es/index.php/naufragios-historicos/86-otros-naufragios-historicos/siglo-xix/259-efemerides-santander-3-de-noviembre-de-1893-la-terrible-tragedia-del-cabo-machichaco, Recent explosion in Waukegan has nothing on 1911 blast, Pleasant Prairie, WI Powder Explosion, Mar 1911, TOWN IS DESTROYED Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin Wiped Out by Dynamite Exolosion, "Technical Report LA-10605-MS: Fallout Forecasting — 1945 Through 1962", "Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion on 17 July 1944: Court of Inquiry: Finding of Facts, Opinion and Recommendations, continued...", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJcDVbH5q3k, "Der Tag, an dem Helgoland der Megabombe trotzte", "Island levelled by British to be whole again", "Seismic Experiments on the North German Explosions, 1946 to 1947", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, "Трагедия в бухте Нагаева.

The load exploded, leaving a crater in the Braamfontein rail yard 60 metres (200 ft) long, 50 metres (160 ft) wide and 8 metres (26 ft) deep. On 6 April 1941, SS Clan Fraser was moored in Piraeus harbour, Greece.

Most accounts describe two distinct explosions.[27].
The explosion generated a pressure wave felt more than 240 kilometres (150 mi) away.

Japanese officials reported that 94 people died, 604 were injured, and 821 houses were damaged, with 4,425 households in all suffering the effects of the explosions.[34][35]. The French losses during the operation were 58 killed and 320 wounded. On 6 December 1917, SS Imo and SS Mont-Blanc collided in the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia. [7] The explosion, heard more than 100 miles (160 km) away,[8] destroyed the entire post which was initially supplied with "three thousand stand of arms, from five to six hundred barrels of powders and a great quantity of fixed ammunition, shot[s], shells".

On 18 July 1963, a test blast of 50 tons of TNT in the Iron Range area of Queensland, Australia, tested the effects of nuclear weapons on tropical rainforest, military targets and ability of troops to transit through the resulting debris field.

On the night of 10 June 1942, the German submarine U-68 torpedoed the 8,600-ton British freighter Surrey in the Caribbean Sea. On 1 July 1918, the National Shell Filling Factory No 6 (Chilwell, near Nottingham, England) was partly destroyed when 8 tons of TNT exploded in the dry mix part of the factory.

On 23 March 2005, there was a hydrocarbon leak due to incorrect operations during a start up which caused a vapour cloud explosion when ignited by a running vehicle engine. [52], On 7 August 1956, seven trucks from the Colombian army, carrying more than 40 tons of dynamite, exploded. The weight of an explosive does not directly correlate with the energy or destructive impact of an explosion, as these can depend upon many other factors such as containment, proximity, purity, preheating, and external oxygenation (in the case of thermobaric weapons, gas leaks and BLEVEs).

On 10 October 1885 in New York City, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers detonated 300,000 pounds (150 t) of explosives on Flood Rock, annihilating the island, in order to clear the Hell Gate for the benefit of East River shipping traffic.

Pieces of iron and rubbish were thrown as far as Peñacastillo, 8 km (5 mi) away, where a person was killed by the falling debris.

A 35-mile high mushroom cloud could be seen from hundreds of miles away, and buildings and structures were inadvertently damaged because of the test. A 16-inch (41 cm) natural gas pipeline ruptured under the stored ammonium perchlorate and added fuel to the later, larger explosions.

More than 90 people were killed, more than 500 were injured. The resulting explosion broke the ship in half and killed the entire crew of 839 men. boiling liquid expanding vapour explosions, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Faversham explosives industry § The Great Explosion, National Shell Filling Factory, Chilwell § The 1918 explosion, Chemical Industries of Ethylene Oxide explosion, List of accidents and disasters by death toll, List of accidents and incidents involving transport or storage of ammunition, "Hellburners Were the Renaissance's Tactical Nukes", "The Blast that nearly destroyed Beijing - The World of Chinese", "Fort Gadsden and the "Negro Fort" on the Apalachicola", Das Erdbeben und die Pulverexplosion auf Rhodus im Herbst 1856, "The East River is Cleaner Now. Fires broke out in the aftermath, leaving 5,000 people homeless.

Five thousand tons of dynamite in the cargo detonated after the ship sank.

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