As Chrissie’s uncle Tim secretly tries to build a relationship with her, Lawrence is on edge as he fears the secrets from his past coming to light. She asked her big sister what she’s doing, lurking around in the shadows watching Kyle. Bethany is set to take the brave move of facing evil sex abusers Nathan and Neil in court as they are forced to answer for their deplorable crimes.
Mark our words, things are going to get complicated…. Fans are hoping that James will be able to close the book on what he went through and move on with his life but with Mac in the village and currently lacking remorse, this will prove easier said than done. Then, he sniffed around ex-wife Lola, too. They’re estranged at the moment and fans are despairing at how dark things have become for Robert and Aaron once again. But in soapland, the action is only just starting to properly heat up, with the latter part of the season over the next few months promising sensational storylines, dramatic exits, big scandals and seriously juicy twists. It has been a very slow burner but those yearning for answers on what Max is up to will start to get them this summer as his vengeance steps up a gear and he takes action against those who stood by and did nothing when he was wrongly imprisoned for killing Lucy. The trial will throw up some big surprises and serious tension as Ste fights for not only his freedom but also the truth – but will he actually get either? (hide spoiler) ] With the entire community being targeted, a dramatic series of events will unfold – but is Max set to lose control of his own plot? Hollyoaks will also revisit the tortured past of lawyer James as his abuse suffered at the hands of his violent dad Mac will be explored further. Michelle thought that she was onto a winner when she started a relationship with steady businessman Robert after the heartbreak she experienced courtesy of Steve. So let’s have a more in depth look at what’s ahead. Furthermore, it was reported that this angle “was the direction planned for the SmackDown episode that was slated to be taped last week but was canceled.”. Louise’s life may have changed forever after a terrible near death experience at her school prom and her dad arrives back in the middle of one of the biggest crises the family has ever faced. It’s been speculated for over a year but yes, Kate IS getting a surprising new love interest and the person in question is an existing resident of the street.

Includes exclusive content, spoilers and interviews before they're seen on the site. It was recently thought that Matt Riddle would be in line to face AJ Styles at SummerSlam.
Kyle’s waffling between depression and considering a rebound while blaming Summer for their split when anyone asks him about it.

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