According to folktales of western Scotland, a gigantic water-bird with loud harsh voice and webbed feet, gobbling up sheep and cattle. As Shatans are also known as cowardly creatures - they hide or run away from offenders. [3], "Magical World. Sometimes, Shatans have died from attacks of evil spirits and beings. According to Manx folklore, particularly noxious type of goblin, adept at shape-shifting. According to folklore of Shetland islands, malicious sea monster, that drags boats to the deep in its deadly embrace. Victor Savchenko is a contemporary Belarusian artist who works in book art and easel graphics. A legendary creature sensitive to the many shades of the human soul, described in J.L.Borges's "Book of Imaginary Beings". Материалы портала посвящены мифологии сериала "Волчонок" (Teen Wolf), различным легендам и поверьям о вервольфах и других существах, встречаемых в сериале. A vampiric being in Ewe folklore (Togo and Ghana), taking the form of a firefly. According to local Japanese belief, a mermaid-like three-legged yōkai with a mixture of human and fish features. Contents 1 Mythical monsters 2 Mythical hybrids 3 Mythical… According to japanese beliefs, kind of tsukumogami, that become old lute-biwa. According to Japanese belief, the spirit of cowardice, fear and shudder.

In Belarusian folklore it is said that Zlydzens are sometimes drawn to the homes of individuals who want to become rich quickly and of greedy owners. When Shatans are tired of wandering around, they sometimes spin bast shoes.

According to Belurussian folklore local species of Rusalka, that live in Black Lake in Myadzyel District of the Minsk Region of Belarus. In Akkadian and Sumerian mythology, an invisible, demonic vampire, that attacks its victims (men) at night while they sleep. Due to this, vast areas of land in today’s Belarus remained intact. Zlydzens play their nasty tricks in groups because, like many other small and harmful creatures, they are cowards and are afraid to act alone. According to Belarusian folk belief is a small household spirit, which lives in oven and throws ashes in cooking food. According to Philippine folklore, female centaurs with a single horn in the middle of their forehead just like a unicorn. Язычество древних славян. 03-12-2015 / 01-12-2018, Page size: 3 543 According to japanese beliefs, transformed ghosts of rice fields who appears as one-eyed, three-fingered humanoid figures rising out of the... A fictional fearsome critter of North America, described as a mouthless alligator extremely dangerous for lumberjacks. Собрание сказок, поэтически объясняющих происхождение той или иной особенности животных, например "откуда у верблюда горб", "почему у слона длинный хобот", или "с чего б это вдруг кошки и собаки не дружат". Культуро-географическая классификация существ.

Lucky for us it is possible to restore some … Is African snake with movable horns which appears in some Greek, Latin sources and medieval bestiaries. In Japanese folklore are monsters of mountains and rivers that devour cadavers. According to japanese beliefs, cursed women with very long arms covered in tiny bird eyes.


Не переживай, Странник, быстро поднятый ангел падшим не считается. Japanese yōkai from Ōmi Province, a type of hi no tama (fireball), but can also take on the shape of a baby, licking the oil from lanterns. According to Irish folklore, the dangerous water-horse. Is a nocturnal hound in the form of the axe which feeds off the axe-handles in the folklore of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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