[11], Beerus was trying to get his three years worth of sleep. Popup: It is unlikely either could erase the other with their specific Destruction powers, given their ability to control and resist Destruction in their own stories, as well as the power levels of characters who have previously resisted such Destruction. The track for this fight is "Gods of Destruction" by Brandon Yates.

Things get even better for Team Universe 7 as Jaco catches Frost's cheating much earlier and informs the Referee, exposing Frost as a cheater and secret leader of space pirates once Vados reveals his true nature to everyone causing Beerus to note he's not much different from Frieza. [37] A while later, Beerus and the others were informed by Trunks when the time machine returned with Gokou and Vegeta. Beerus asked Whis what food he was offered the time of visiting Earth he was introduced to pizza.

Unlike Destruction Sphere, where the orbs steadily drop, these orbs stay in place. Beerus' power also pales in comparison with Zeno, the supreme deity who rulers over all the universes and gods. Only 3 can be in play at any time.

Champa explained he searched for decades for wishing planets known as Super Dragon Balls and he possessed six of them out of seven.

However Piccolo and Vegeta both doubt Goku would ever miss the tournament on purpose.

Not wanting to get in trouble with the Grand Minister, he decides they should head back to stop him. He also chooses not to confront Broly, preferring to allow Goku, Vegeta, their fusion Gogeta, Golden Frieza (when he is attacked by the rampaging Super Saiyan Broly), and Whis (who uses Autonomous Ultra Instinct to hold off Broly after Golden Frieza is defeated, bowing out once Gogeta appears) to deal with the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Gokou chose Boo and Piccolo to participate, so Beerus picked the final contestant to be the strongest warrior he fought from his long history of battles.

While Beerus does not get overly emotional, he is implied to have grown to care about Goku as he is seen clenching his teeth and fists, and quietly laments If this is truly the end of Goku and he says his name.

Gokou wanted to join but Beerus and Whis denied because Zamasu was after his body and it was a problem for the gods. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta was able to excite Beerus but was still easily overwhelmed by him - with Beerus noting that a simple power-up from Super Saiyan God would not be enough to beat him.

Wiz: Dangerous, but nothing too special. Beerus preparing his Destruction before Creation in Battle of Gods, Beerus using God of Destruction's Wrath in Battle of Gods, Fury Beerus performing his Destructive Star Break variation of Super Star Break. If left alone, it will hover as an opponent-damaging trap until it dissipates.

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