Bede reappears in The Gathering of Stars, being invited to the Galarian Star Tournament during a performance for Opal. Later, everyone gathered at Turffield Stadium, where they each fought a Gym battle against Milo and won.

Bea is a slender, fit young girl with tan skin, grey eyes, and grey hair cut into a bob.

When you have beaten Kabu at the Motostoke Gym, Nessa and Milo come and join Kabu to see you off and when you get into the Wild Area, you see Bede appears and taunts Hop saying that neither he or you will get through the Gym Challenge. After defeating the Stow-and-Slide Gym, Bede is seen using Chairman Rose's Copperajah to break down a restored mural depicting the hero of Galar. She offers Bede to come with her as she may be able to help him out., Bede used this Copperajah he borrowed from, Similar to his Japanese name or a shortening of, Mandarin-based transcription of his Japanese name, After being confronted by Oleana and Chairman Rose, After being disqualified from his Gym Challenge, Bede's uniform number is "908", which can be read in Japanese as, He is also the second Trainer known to have changed his type specialization overall, following, A portion of Bede's battle theme is remixed from the music used during the final battle of the. He then shows he has the badges and goes into Hammerlocke, saying he has a meeting with the chairman. Pokémon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Opal recruited him to be her successor soon after. Preferred type: Region: She is constantly followed by her fan club, Team Yell. One day, Chairman Rose visited the facility, and gave him a Pokémon (most likely his Hatenna which later evolved into Hattrem and then Hatterene). Bede appeared in Sky, where he was watching the battle between Raihan and Leon together with his Hatenna in the stadium.

However, after hearing the crowd cheer him on despite his loss, he feels obligated to continue training, figuring he will be able to completely take over for Opal soon.
It was also released as a Full Art card and Secret card in the same Japanese and English expansions, with artwork by the same artist. Bede reluctantly agrees, believing he will become stronger in the process. Friends: He then goes on his way to find more Wishing Stars.

Her first Pokémon is her Morpeko, who can be seen following her around outside of battle. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Defeat him and he goes to give up, but the crowd insists he just restarts his career. He insists that he feels sorry for his Pokémon taking on pathetic opponents but considers it a mercy so he once again challenges you. Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures, Occupation: Bedeビート Biito You first encounter Bede in Motostoke when you go to register for the Gym Challenge. After completing the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra, you will get invited by Leon to participate in the Galarian Star Tournament. This leaves Bede shocked and mortified. Bede (Japanese: ビート Beet) is one of the rival characters in Pokémon Sword and Shield, the others being Hop and Marnie. After the player becomes Champion, the player, Hop, and former Gym Leader Piers head to Ballonlea Stadium while trying to stop Sordward and Shielbert, but in the lobby, Bede confidently declares that he has taken care of the Dynamax Pokémon running rampant in his Stadium already. When defeated, Opal will arrive and will give you both her Rare League Card and Bede's Rare League Card. However, in his zealous pursuit of Wishing Stars, Bede brings harm to a historic landmark in Stow-on-Side, and he is disowned by Rose and disqualified from the Gym Challenge. Bede is extremely prideful about his ability as a skilled Pokémon Trainer and his endorsement from Chairman Rose, always wanting to prove himself to be worthy. In Hammerlocke, you will hear a conversation between Bede, Oleana and Chairman Rose and learn that Bede has been collecting Wishing Stars as well as Gym Badges quickly. It was first released in the Japanese V Starter Set Lightning.

When you enter Galar Mine No. Go up to the art monument in Stow-on-Side and you'll see Bede is there with a Copperajah and is destroying the monument. He is one of the people who once received endorsement from Chairman Rose but later had his Gym Challenger status revoked. After the others went inside, Sōdo pointed out that Bede was protecting the boulder and speculated his goal was to obtain Wishing Stars found inside the mine. Bede is a character who appears in Pokémon Sword and Shield as one of the rivals. The player first meets Marnie in the lobby of Motostoke's Budew Drop Inn, where she scolds a group of Team Yell Grunts for c… During the battle, Bede acknowledges the player's strength, and after being defeated, accepts them as Champion. Bede says that the Wishing Stars will help Rose solve the problem that is bothering him. When you try to stop him he once again challenges you to a battle. However, in his zealous pursuit of Wishing Stars, Bede brings harm to a historic landmark in Stow-on-Side, and he is disowned by Rose and disqualified fr… A more humble Trainer now, Bede swears he'll overcome his weakness and, in his words, "reach the pinnacle of what Fairy types can do.". He mostly specializes in Psychic-types, and later Fairy-types.
Then, Rose and Oleana appear, angered as Bede borrowed Rose's Copperajah to destroy the historical site. Generation: VIIIGames: Pokémon Sword and Shield Bede is eager to show off to Chairman Rose, who forgets his name at first but then remembers and says how impressed he is by how far he has progressed since he gave Bede his first Pokémon. When you arrive, Bede will be there and will confront you claiming you're there to gawk at him now he has hit rock bottom. To complete her uniform, … Although he has lost to the player character at the said Finals, his fans are eager to see such intrusion again as they consider it to be a performance, which he is unsure how to react for now. After some assurance from Opal, the group decides to indulge Bede. She is a stoic, but well-mannered girl who wants to become Champion to support her hometown Spikemuth.

Male Encounter 4: Galar Mine No. Despite this, Bede revealed the reason he was collecting Wishing Stars was to help Rose. Raihan seems to be around the same age as Leon, and since Sonia references her and Leon being rivals in the gym challenge, Sonia seems to be too. As such, he decides to continue his training to become the Fairy-type Gym Leader. After succeeding Opal's position, he seems to have been mellowed out and no longer refuses to give out autographs. After the player character beats Bede, Rose and Oleana show up visibly angered by Bede's negligence over a historic site and revoke his Endorsement. Since then, Bede began training himself for Pokémon battles, and joined the Gym Challenge to prove himself to be worthy for the Chairman's endorsement. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 2 you will meet Bede once again. However, he also tends to keep to himself and acts very rude on occasion. This is a transcript of the back of Bede's League Cards in Pokémon Sword and Shield. He was later seen at Wyndon Stadium, walking out to the field for the opening ceremony of the tournament. He gives you his League Card. As the Gym Leader of Ballonlea Stadium, he gives the Fairy Badge to Trainers who defeat him. We're updating our policies! Bede has platinum blond hair and purple eyes. He is a prideful young man who had been personally sponsored by Chairman Rose, who gave Bede his first Pokémon upon visiting his orphanage when he was a child. He initially specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon, but is eventually scouted by Opal to succeed her as a Fairy-type Gym Leader, and thus changes his specialty type accordingly. That is until one day Chairman Rose visited the facility. This is listing of Bede's Pokémon in the Pokémon Twilight Wings. Bede insists he will not let Rose down. After the player returns from Ballonlea to Hammerlocke with the Fairy Badge, Opal notices the sulking Bede and is struck with inspiration, asking him to become her successor. He is being appreciated by Opal and she takes him under his wing as her apprentice and successor. He is then seen in the Opening Ceremony. Rose gave Bede a Pokémon, which changed Bede's life forever. Character information This might be due to how he was sent to an orphanage at a young age and lacked socialization skills. Bede's name may come from the term "bead", as beads (such as prayer beads or magatama) are often associated with mysticism and the supernatural, representing both types he uses. Bede is eager to show off to Chairman Rose, who forgets his name at first but then remembers and says how impressed he is by how far he has progressed since he gave Bede his first Pokémon. Bede's uniform number, 908, can be read in Japanese as "kū-rei-ba," which sounds similar to the word 'clever'.

He was first seen in front of the Galar Mine, unable to enter due to a large boulder blocking the entrance. During the Pokémon League, when you get to the finals, you will go out only to find your first challenge is Bede who has come. During the incident with Sordward & Shielbert Dynamaxing random Pokémon, you next encounter Bede when you go to Ballonlea. Gender: The shirt also has a black bow that sits just below Bea's bust- when she is defeated in battle, she can be seen adjusting it. The next encounter with Bede is in the Galar Mine. She is impressed by how pink he is and mentions how he tried to get the wishing stars for Oleana only to be tossed aside. If he loses, he pledges to give up being a trainer. Galar He feels he will be able to go to Rose and ask to rejoin the Gym Challenge. He insists he is more important because he's endorsed by Chairman Rose and thus is more amazing than you. Wanting to have Sōdo retire from the Gym Challenge, Bede challenged him to a battle but lost. Bede is one of the player's rivals. With his appointment as Opal's successor, Bede is the only notable male, Bede is the second Gym Leader to change type specialties, the first being. Ponyta's known moves are Fairy Wind and Agility. Please read the. By the time the player character arrives at the Ballonlea Stadium, Bede has already taken care of them, and asks for a rematch. After the story is done, Bede is one of the trainers who you can call for a match in the Champion Cup, or who appears at any time when you go through. Bede was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Sword & Shield Series (the Japanese Sword & Shield Era).

Bede debuted in PASS06. He always had difficulty getting along with others and would constantly get into fights. 2: Bede spent some time living in an orphanage after his family ran into some trouble when he was young. He justifies his motives as he's collecting Wishing Star for the Chairman. Opal is stunned by Bede and offers to let him take her Gym Mission.

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