plus they are not picking on people who are weaker than them like some chavs on a street corner intimidating passers by. He also held joint ownership of a public house in the East End of London named the "Guv'Nors" along with Charlie Kray, elder brother of the Kray twins, reputed to be the "most legitimate" of the three brothers.

His father, Leonard McLean Sr., had been a Royal Marine during the Second World War, but after being debilitated by a near-fatal disease which he contracted in India, he became a petty criminal and swindler. I hope there are still some travellers like Mr Gorman still out there. or ever seen them in action on tape or DVD? last updated: 12/02/2009 at 08:05created: 05/04/2006. Bob BurdenBartley was in dispute with the council over his caravan and his plans to build a "palace" in Uttoxeter near the racecourse where the "Toffs" lived. When Frank Warren formed the National Boxing Council in the 1970s, it allowed the toughest underground fighters in Britain to compete legally. In their final bout, McLean ended the feud with a brutal first-round knockout at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London in September 1978. 5 Answers.

i have read his book and he was a great fighter,,a proud man ,,who fought in places so the police could not stop the fight,,,rip bartley,, a good read and an exciting life ,,i know i would of not laster 5 seconds, an awesome man that made others disappear in the shadows hello to bartleys breed. plus they are not picking on people who are weaker than them like some chavs on a street corner intimidating passers by. Lenny McLean was born into a large, working-class Irish family in Hoxton in the East End of London. They declined the offer. ", Paddy Maddison is a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to LADbible. One of them, Henry Arab, is mentioned in the book. If a man can live respected and die regreted he is a King as Bartly is. He died in July 1998, shortly before the film's release.

And the 30-year-old’s success has inspired the younger generation of … bartley never fought shaw or mclean: he challenged them both but neither fought him. the men that were supposed to have done it all seem to think it didnt happen anything like the writers of the book have made out ................ S.pritchard wrexhamthank you for all your comments about my uncle bartley and i wanted to say if anyone else remebers stuff about him please get in touch with me. also he says that people like joe louis, mike tyson etc are uneducated men. the man did well in every respect but the way people are comeing on here and going on about what was doen in doncaster!

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