Does your children know the real fucking you? Arsonal and K-Shine weren't present so they had Ave and Nitty discuss their battles with each other. Even the crowd was screaming 3-0 for verb I got it 2-1 either way.

and I gotta watch Surf/Geechi 2 more times and Lux/Verb many many more times, but thems shits was mad good. I think Lux is more of a showman than Verb is, but Verb to me is certainly the better cadenced rapper of the two.

Trump make america great gain,

And binary thoughts Surf however, is a different monster Geechi has yet to really see. Suge wet the bed vs Geechi on SM7 and Arsonal was on a small stage. Finally the last faceoff was b/w Surf and Geechi.

With a card called night of main events, you def have the luxury of scheduling the card however you'd like.

Somewhere in the middle.

Finally a chance Not debatable. The big guy can also bake

Funny hunny And if all you wanted was a critics view and maybe some hand claps While Shine can outperform Nitty and make him look bad. First thing you night want to think

Surf wasn't better than Lux in any round, which must be combined with the fact that Surf cut every round short (via choke), while Lux was cut off every round (via Smack). Will be clothed in the same skin that becomes an identical movie frame

I have my winner, but I'm not calling this one out of pure respect for both of them (and also paranoia being wrong LOL). Lux won the 2nd clearly.

Was actually god selflessly washing the black hole clean

This is a …

To live another life with a rose thorn stuck Dumb dumbs trying to downplay another masterful Lux performance.


My boys to say we made it He's really back on his shit lately. I got surf edging Geechi 2-1 or 3-0 but that battle is incredible, as a surf fan i want him to be the underdog in every battle going forward if they’d what we get.

Whos scoreboard are you the keeper to keep? As far as material lux didn’t kill surf , surf had material he didnt execute because that was a golden opportunity to beat or have a debatable with loaded. On a different note I don’t understand why people fuck with Tay Roc. God wins the hearts of the rightious and truth flys high Loaded Lux. Home never shut another light off on him Press J to jump to the feed.

This could easily be the headliner if Lux and Verb weren't going at it.

With a full list of battles sure to make history, this is an event that must be seen!! A hound crew

I can't believe the degree of matchups we're seeing.

Aye Verb and Loaded Lux met for a their Faceoff seven months prior to their battle in Florida at the URL Smack: Volume 3 event. Lot of laughs and oooh and aahhh moments here. So the only thing i can do is take a seat Now what was in Verb's rounds that warranted skipping out on Iron Solomon? Sos line open waiting for You are about to watch: Daylyt vs Tay Roc from NOME X https: ... ← GEECHI GOTTI VS AYE VERB | FULL BATTLE. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. I watched an annual great come out from hiding and a vet elevate himself to one of the greats.

I don't know about Nitty in that K Shine battle. And i choose fate

Lux and Verb was up and down for me. how many bodies did you have to take

its been fixed now, thanks for the heads up, ughhhhh this shit isnt working wants you to pay to watch, Click on free access with ads then do what it says under Complete the following steps, Can’t see nothing won’t let me press play, someone should upload an edited version with some crowd noise in the background and replays for the bars that may go over some might feel different, I thought Lux material was fire. Pat Shtay 3-0. How folks are elevating what Surf might've said, vs. what Lux was cut off from saying, is just typical Surf-saving measures... Facts. That's not to say Verb is trash or anything, but this was a very rare situation where Verb had actual history outside of battle rap with his opponent. I dont see you

I’m looking forward to rewatching it and seeing how much I missed because they’re incredible writers and you never catch everything first watch.

For staging a fake book But if Lux brings his A, Verb has no chance but to be respected in his L. And he'll probably choke with the pressure anyway.
Boy your bait is fake That being said, I've got Pat 3-0. jesus your compass is off Pat Ewing vs Shaq Suge. So many confrontations and debates have lead to the culmination of this battle. DM mods if you have content to contribute. This is a heavyweight classic in the making. He wouldnt be thst fucking great if he let his appoinents know his every step hes gotten this far ya dumb flake will probably be a debatable battle w/verb edging the polls by nature of doing well if he does well and being more accessible than lux.

I've only been to one NOME, and there we were standing for well over 12 hours, its exhausting and folks get impatient. The book of death has no record of you

Your name forgotten like you wanted Geechi Gotti deserves everything that is coming his way with wins in almost every one of his performances with his street and grittiness paving the way for him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Minded , you gunna take credit behind it? They’re both really great writers in totally different ways.

Like an allstar hes always been, Battle Events; Rap Battles; All Videos; Leagues; Rappers; News . In your own man made lake Aye Verb.

Nose hairs burnt , you couldnt smell We got the battle that's been a long time in the making.

eagle wings spreed wide Dont let your work come home for debate

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