Thank you all so much! The King found his Queen and the Thunder god returned to his Kingdom far away from the world of men. But before they fell, the Avengers hid their children in a faraway place, where they would grow up safe from Ultron's grasp. Chapter 1: Fury sends the Avengers on a mission. The one and only. They've come back to the past to chase down a powerful villain who plans on destroying the League, and the parents can't help. I stared at him, completely shocked. Hope for the future." The five avengers sat in Fury's office unsure of what he wanted them all so badly after their Alien attack not even two mouths ago, now here they were seated waiting for the man in black with a black eye patch on his left eye. asked the young girl who spoke different to the other which in his response gave a half laugh at this before giving in. Clint said, "Yeah, me too, I thought Pepper and I would have a life together but now I don't know" Tony said. I would highly recommend it to anyone passing by. "Good point but you still shouldn't be messing with this." Thanks in advance! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

", "Let's plug this baby in." "Are you sure this is something you should be messing with?" "Do you think it's even possible for you to make a 'window' to see into the future?" XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Natasha asked as she watched Tony and Bruce work on a small machine. On the way, the future young justice team will find out more than they ever knew about their parents while they take the adults on an...enlightening ride. But in time, evil returned; an evil called Ultron. Woah, wait, hold up. You can't tell me you don't want to see if you're still kicking butt a few years from now.". Clint shifted his eyes from side to side. By: MysticFantasy.. Disclaimer: (I own no part of this movie or the characters in it.Chapter 1.. "Are you sure this is something you should be messing with?" The Avengers meet Peter Fanfiction. What happens when the Justice League meet their kids? "To the ladies, almost everything is a bad idea." "I know I will be and it'll be your butt that I'm kicking." Time Traveling Conquerors, Alien Invaders, and Masters of Evil; the Avengers vanquished them all. Now the Avengers who wanted more of their old lives was too mixed with confusion on which path to choose and hearing that story was like a eye opener for all of them the so called Pixie, Giant, Ghost and King was not found by Fury yet so he was most likely still searching but something told them other wise.

So here they were watching the man with his hands behind his back looking at them with a blank face no matter how hard Tony or Steve tried to figure out what he held behind his back that was until he spoke "I have brought you here for one reason and that reason is more like a question before sending you to your new Mission Avengers". he said this silence the lot even the Thunder God stood dumb struck; Tony wanted to improve his empire of his dad's once and share it with Pepper, Steve had know idea what he wanted seeing as his whole world was pulled away from him in a sleep for seventy years, Thor knew he would find Jane bring her to Asgard to show her his world and make her his queen once he became King, Natasha knew only how to be an Agent in training and under cover same as for Clint for neither knew anything else better then fighting in the War or on the field, Banner was only trying to keep the other guy in so he helped other which granted him peace of mind and learned new things while moving to poor cities who had little medical supplies. Tony exclaimed happily. the boy on the top bed lay on his side begged with an eager face; "more? "I'm with Cap this time, you don't mess with time like some kind of experiment plus to the people who the hell came up with such an idea?!" Wow, thanks!

This sub is for Miraculous Ladybug fanfictions: recs, search for an specific fic, prompts, discussions, everything. "No but since when have I ever listened to rules?" The Solider, the God, the Knight, the Spy, the King, the Pixie, the Ghost and the Archer. he half muttered. "No but since when have I ever listened to rules?" "Ok, so we know there are children in this but let's see if these children have what their parents have in them." Your review has been posted. He pulled blanket over the baby and put the boy on the top bunk right after half dangling covering his small body the small girl was already sleeping right and the African boy curled up around her knees deep in sleep. I am looking for any and all fics where the characters in the series (particularly the main ones), meet their real life counterparts through whatever bizarre circumstance. Natasha asked as she watched Tony and Bruce work on a small machine. And finally, when the world was at peace, the heroes built lives of their own.

Tony stayed silent before finding the plug to the machine and finding the closest outlet.

They all stood in front of a large portal thing glowing bright blue "now this is means none of you can use your weapons or will be able to be seen or heard just be able to follow the people who you need to see. The Avengers. The five avengers sat in Fury's office unsure of what he wanted them all so badly after their Alien attack not even two mouths ago, now here they were seated waiting for the man in black with a black eye patch on his left eye.

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow + Avengers Crossover. Does anyone know any good fics in which Ladybug and Chat Noir meet their future selves? "If I was able to, wouldn't you want to see your future?" Edit: wow, I really did not expect to get this many recs. Tony Stark was with Pepper arranging the new building he used to call home if not for the attack but still they were busy as normal when Steve called saying Fury needed the Iron man himself so that's how Tony got here; Steve who before was to call Tony was taking his anger out in the fourth boxing bag for missing his chance to dance with his long love Peggy Carter and how he woke to the future he found more frightening then facing Peggy's fury when she shot three bullets at him when he showed her his new shield. Disclaimer: (I own no part of this movie or the characters in it.). Obviously, Tony and Rhodey knew Peter. Fics where the Avengers meet their actors Pretty much what the title says.

"I agree it is wrong but I know that what you will see might give some of you a chance in life like Mr. Rogers; so here is my offer if you choice to see what life you have then what you got now follow me but if not you can make your own future" and with that said Fury and Agent Hills walked out while the group stared hard at each other before Steve stood up followed by Banner then Clint and Natasha leaving Tony and Thor who stared at each other before thinking 'why not give it a shot or I might regret this' and they all found each other in the Lab with two guys in white coats reminding Steve of when he stepped in the lab to be Mr. super solider and met Tony's Dad who soon became a good friend which was why Tony disliked Steve but it was not his fault the two got on. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Chapter 1: Fury sends the Avengers on a mission.

"The line of work that you two do, I think it's possible for you to stay in shape." Tony answered. Nobody else. Did he just say what I think he said? "This is set. Edit: I read your fic, and it is so good!! Did you ever think maybe the others want to live their lives before what can happen in time?"

Thor said in surprise and confusion as did the others when the door opened. Here’s a take on what your looking for. Ahaha, I've got an unfinished one(but it's almost complete) right here as a self rec: In Time You'll See, And for the ones that are not mine:A Sound of Thunder. "Good point but you still shouldn't be messing with this." On that day, the Avengers were born to fight the foes that no single hero could withstand. I'M Percy Jackson. Tony invents a time machine out of fun. The Solider and the Spy fell in love; as did the Giant and the Pixie. At first they thought they should hide when Fury told them they would not be seen by the people they needed to follow. When he entered the room the group was about to through many questions at him as to why they were needed. Good luck Avengers" and with that the five were traveling in the speed of lightening when they finally stood in what looked like a room but a Childs room. Once he took one last look at the children he smiled whispering "yes, still Hope" before turning the light off and closing the door. I looked at Annabeth, and the look she was giving me … Natasha said. Tell us the story more?" Future sight. Tony answered. "I would like to see if I stayed in shape." Steve shouted he already lost everything the others did not need to suffer the same thing. It has young Ladybug and Chat Noir in the future but can be heartbreaking for you and is rated M. I do not mark who is when and who meet who. Press J to jump to the feed. Bruce said as he tightened a bolt. I love your "In Time You'll See"!

It had a crab, a bunk bed and few toys with a chair in the corner of the room which to their amazement was like a iron room with white paint to cover the walls and a nice carpet "surely this is not what Fury meant by a Mission?" "I still think this is a bad idea." Children, who one day, be the new generation of heroes. He and a few other Avengers get more than he intended. Edit: wow, I really did not expect to get this many recs. The rest of the avengers come back to the compound, and Tony's not too happy. "And there came a day, unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes were united against a common threat. "So you called us out of our personal time to ask a question this must be very important Fury" Tony Protest as did the others all at the same time; at this point Fury and Agent Hill was ready to shout at them to be quiet but remembered the angered Hulk in Banner so he spoke smoothly much to Steve's surprise "my question is what do you think you all want in your future lives?" This fic specifically has Ladybug/Marinette sent into the future by an akuma. A elderly man with whitish brown hair picked up the baby, the boy brought in who giggled which Natasha thought was sweet even Steve who suffered a bad childhood smiled as he held the child to rest on his chest so the baby's head lay on it. There was no way this dude was Percy Jackson. "Here we go!". Right now the avengers where confused as to why four young kids of different cultures lived together not that the Avengers could do it which they might when this was over. "I just don't know what we should do after such an eye opener?" I’m really excited for the next update. In came a boy no older then 5 with reddish hair and wore a blue long sleeve top and pants with red hems and a star on his chest like Cap's shield and uniform, he put a young baby no older then eleven mouths with black hair and black eyes with just a short yellow top on and a dipper in the crab before climbing to the top bunk, next came a girl also 5 years old with long blond hair with one piece in a tie-red-robin wearing a blue T-shirt and white shorts while holding a young African boy no older then three who wore a red top and orange short with ember eyes, they sat at the bottom of the bunk when another came in the room.

I have my reading material for the next two days now lol. And one by one, the children of the Avengers came to be.

When six students of Hogwarts, including Hermione and Harry come across a strange picture, it port-keys them to the future, 18 years into the future to be more exact. Here’s my own take on the genre: No One to Talk To But Herself, I'd call it CN identity reveal story.

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