The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! I think it's possible to burnout on these kind of games.
Assassin’s Creed Origins was first game in which Ubisoft introduced new Hack and Slash combat style. . Other than that... a lot of missions and even clearing out locations is very much like FC. And I honestly don't think I was going to love Odyssey this much.
Filler is a theme. You should know that both games are very much different from previous AC games. Odyssey is superior in nearly every way. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It's this year's surprise hit for sure. Odyssey is much better than Origins in every single way but especially for Stealth players. What do you guys think? Dialogue options put you into several dilemmas, whereas in Origins there was always a clearly defined good and evil and Bayeks sense of justice decided for us anyway. Maybe you should play other RPG games instead of (not)AC games masquareding as RPG games. While these are just the main AAA games listed here, there are many other Assassin’s Creed games that are still part of the canon and, while we have not included them here, they are worth playing; even if the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series is a very different beast to the sort of games that we are used to. Origins was amazing though, and I'm trying to find the time to start Odyssey. But there were issues, namely, the way XP now works. You basically cannot oneshot assassinate an enemy making this game almost unplayable, or at least a lot less fun. With all the abilities I wanted unlocked, the game really did become good. I think it's really depends from people and which mythology/country they enjoy more, and of they played earlier game before. So you can't complain that you didn't get any bang for your buck, because the game was jam-packed with stuff to do. The not so serious story I don’t really mind. Goodbye stealth. ORIGINS. Each tomb felt beautifully crafted, while Odyssey has caves that feel copy pasted. Odyssey seems a bit more removed from AC and headed further into RPG territory. Well you said it yourself you don't like AC games, and since Origins and Odyssey are going after the witcher 3 crowd it's safe to say they aren't real AC games. I now think I needed to push on just a bit further still.

You are free to Assassinate, Melee and Archer as you please. Odyssey expands upon all that Origins does. You must log in or register to reply here. , I enjoyed both Odyssey and Origins and getting the platinum on both was very enjoyable. Do keep that in mind: Origins & Odyssey are RPG games, unlike FC3, FC4, FC5. Plus I love ancient Egypt way more than ancient Greece. Wait until Odyssey is cheaper, and a bit further along in its' GAAS lifespan - there'll be plenty of balance and QOL patches, as well as new content in 6-9 months time. Full auto-aim makes using the bow a more viable option.

Not going to happen, but would rather take another Syndicate style next time over both though. New mercenary and bounty system is added to odyssey in which you are hunted by high-level mercenaries (enemies). Bayek is shown as fearless warrior who believes in punishing bad people and bringing justice.

Anyway both games had repetetive gameplay in quests, I think it's funny when people criticize one game for it, and act like the other wasn't the same. I just think it does everything better (at least so far). Sure, you can climb stuff but because houses and buildings are built so far apart in ancient Egypt and Greece, you lose that feeling of movement from older ACs when you could flawlessly run through roofs (assuming you mastered the slightly clunky movement mechanics of running full-speed and slowing down at the right times). The reality is all AC games have their share of tedious, annoying missions. Combats Origins takes it. The cities are filled with beautiful buildings which gives fancy vibes. Press J to jump to the feed. So if I had to choose between the two, I’d probably go with Origins. Origins is an amazing game, a very very big game. If you're not being stealthy then don't bitch about the lack of stealth. You know? No resets if you get spotted, just wonderful chaos . It would be easy to believe that this was a bad game as it led to the first year without a new entry since the franchise began, but that was mostly down to fans losing faith following the disastrous Unity. And then there are the technical issues. Odyssey feels like her story and that becomes apparent extremely quickly. But no AC was ever able to knock it off of its pedestal ... Until Odyssey came out. Pretty much it... :/. Ubisoft reinvented Assassin's Creed with Origins and Odyssey, but the games do not necessarily excel in the same areas. Their story and background resonated more with me. Not because it's amazing, IMO both games are good but not GREAT. Origins is unique and has it’s own style and heart-warming story. I really want to like this game (I did pay for the ultimate edition, I am very curious about the Atlantis stuff). It's stupid you loose out on the use of Basic assassinations,bow shots & melee because "class damage". I just felt like getting this off my chest. JavaScript is disabled. I am at level 23 now and the upgraded abilities are finally allowing me some real options to take down enemies by stealth (ranged & assassination), not just brute force. More coherent main story, less vague, no insane time skips or moments that made me feel lost (with origins I still don't understand the opening or civil war sections, they seemed very rushed), A more competent antagonist faction (you get to see how the cult is so powerful, loads of members, the Oracle, the imposing guards, the pyramid device, the headquarters with giant gold snake, a very strong introduction compared to a few guys in t shirts who ask you something you don't know then assume you're dead because they punched you once), An actual RPG (origins felt like a cookie clicker, they wasn't much in the way of playstyles, which is what i enjoy RPG Mechanics for, I can set up actual builds), A more consistently pleasant world (origins' world map was more structured and detailed, but also just not that aesthetically pleasing imo), It has some interesting lore themes, like how the Greeks interpreted these concepts like isu DNA and artefacts as demigods, its a cool idea to merge history with mythology in the series just as the historians themselves did, Plus I was just raised more on Greek history than Egyptian, I remember reading in school about the ships with eyes painted on which would ram into their foes and now I can do that myself. Origins & Odyssey have much more in common with Far Cry than older AC titles. The whole experience felt really tedious to me. Ezio's first game was a classic - it still is. Bayek is also a bloody amazing character, hes just an awesome assassin and really fun to play as. I am also actively going cult & mercenary hunting, which is fun as I get to explore a bit more now. The franchise opened up a lot more here. I hadn't played any AC game since 2, but the trailers for Origins made me decide to go back to the series. The world map for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was measured using the scale 256km^2. Enter your email to receive our newsletter. Side note: Ubisoft has been too overly focused on Assassin's Creed that they've left my man Sam Fisher on the sidelines for far too long. I'm more ancient Greece fan (Greek mythology is favourite of mine) and I'm greatly enjoying game. Has a slightly more arcade feel (like the no fall damage etc) which I got on a little bit more with. And yes, I am aware of the vocal displeasure of longtime AC fans. Both games have their strengths and weaknesses. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. On ‎7‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 3:25 AM, Sifferino said: I am genuinely pissed myself that I don’t love the game, that more than anything. Odyssey will probably get sales this holiday season, which is right around the corner. There is a good reason for that as the second game took the foundations of the first, realised what was not working, and elevated it to a whole new level. Character facial expressions are smooth and every building looks so realistic with exceptional level of detailing.

Get Assassin’s Creed Revelations as part of The Ezio Collection for £16.32 on Amazon. There are hidden treasures and tombs inside pyramids that you can loot by solving tricky puzzles. In Origins you play as Medjay named Bayek who is a warrior and protector of Siwa. AC III bored me to tears (again) and Black Flag, I will give it another try but it didn’t immediately grab me. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is a game that is a victim of what came before it. Surprisingly, Origins is still 60$ on the PSN store?! I never enjoyed older ACs, so I paid no attention whatsoever to the series until the Egypt setting in Origins and gave it a shot. Odyssey does not let me play the way I want, it lacks variety that way. That might be up to to personal preference, but the fact you don't just dodge and hack until your only ability is ready made Odyssey the first AC game where a warrior route is actually viable. Rogue is underrated. At some point in origins, you will start noticing these difficult high-level enemies “phylakes” tracking you for fighting. I love Ancient Greece and think they did it wonderfully but they could've made the map slightly smaller or less regions idk.

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