In the fashion industry too, it is common practice to use "catch-all" cash register keys which represent value-only articles below the level of the merchandise category. Business constraints often require further value-only articles to be defined below the level of a merchandise category and its associated merchandise category article, whereby a value-only article can only be assigned to one merchandise category.

The merchandise category article is created directly in the maintenance screen of the appropriate merchandise category. One can find the Create / Change / Display in the same transaction.

Retail Pricing, and ; Merchandize Categories.

Assortments are nothing but the site codes. The Assortment forms the heart of the SAP IS Retail system. But it may be necessary at time for procurement of high value articles or bulk quantity to request for quotations and evaluate the quotes. To name a few.

A customer is a business partner of an organization. Enter the Merchandising Category and press ENTER, Here Hierarchy can be assigned initially or later. Article categories are also defined for the individual value-only article categories.

When a merchandise category article is entered at the cash register, sales of articles in that merchandise category (that is, merchandise which is not managed on an article basis) can be processed on a value basis.

T.Code WG22 The solution is highly customizable to suit varied requirements. {"serverDuration": 92, "requestCorrelationId": "5b9a37a6cb478943"}.

Here is the description of SAP IS retail business process. Assignment of Characteristics Profile to Merchandising Category SAP recommends retailers using SAP to use SAP business intelligence system to analyze data. Press ENTER and come out.

articles will have an assignment to a merchandise category. Merchandise Category: Value-Only Article Categories.

The ECC system has three core Modules which corresponds to the business process of an organization: The Logistics in turn has two major components, namely Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD). We need to create Reference article. Merchandise Category T. Codes: WG21 / WG22 / WG23 Merchandise Category is created in first step. © 1999 LearnSAP All Rights Reserved; Privacy Policy, ☎+1-832-419-7371 || +1-832-481-9144. Essentially the following values are possible: 1.

Note: Default values are to be taken care while entering Important 2 Create individual listing, article-site In financials, it is the Accounts receivable master or can be classified as debtors.


SAP also has the process for request for quotations that can be applied during the procurement process.

Maintain all the default values and save the article. Values are maintained here. Besides this, Production Planning (PP), Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM) and Warehouse Management (WM) can be considered as extensions of Materials Management. Another very important part of the Master Data would be the Retail Pricing and Classification. Single material (industry) (MARA-ATTYP initial): ‚Standard'-Materials of non-Retail systems, created for instance by MM01.

Merchandise categories enable the user to classify and structure all aspects of the merchandise in their enterprise. The typical most important Master Data I will describe as: Article master contains information on all the products (materials, items) that an organization procures, manufactures, stores and sells. Retailers also often need (or wish) to sell articles belonging to different merchandise categories under the umbrella of a single value-only article; this is necessary if, for example, a store has cash registers with fewer merchandise category keys than there are merchandise categories.

SAP IS Retail Components. The IS retail solution helps bring marketing, merchandise, supply chain and IT to provide competitive edge to a business. This classification is used for assignment and to enable the article master to support characteristics and characteristic values.

And based on the promotions we can do various subsequent planning.

This is basically the enterprise structure and we use almost all the Organization Units that are available in the SAP system, like. 1. Important Part

Assortment: In doing so, each article is assigned to a specific merchandise category. When you look at the SAP IS Retail, it includes all these ECC components and then some.

Group Articles (Value-based Inventory Management). 1. Merchandise categories can be grouped together to form merchandise category hierarchy.

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