SVortex 5:32 pm on November 13th, 2017 6 My XB6 is located in my basement and its external case temperature reads 80ºF / 26.7ºC and the fan exhaust reads 110ºF / 43.3ºC. For reference, this is with one ethernet port used, and 5 devices 'connected' to the 5ghz band, under low/no load. Have to get within 2 feet (in a quiet room) to notice it. I got one of these for my old ARRIS SB8200, which would also get really hot. The wifi pods do a good job of extending the wifi to dead spots but they are limited to a maximum of 200Mbps of throughput so you sacrifice speed for coverage. I believe Ookla runs more tests out the gate hence slightly slower tests results than Netflix speedtest. Thank you for your post! I just got the services installed on June 7th and it’s still burning hot. I found your posts very helpful as I have been troubleshooting my system. Will turning off our modem when not in use help to prevent it from overheating? I have laminate wood floors throughout my home. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I will recommend touching base with them once again to have a technician visit you. After I tried troubleshooting the modem, I noticed little smoke coming out of the unit. Problem is, it's not actually working properly. I also noticed my XB6 modem was burning hot last evening. If your modem is overheating, set up a fan next to it and keep it (the fan) running all the time.

Hello; I am having significant issues since upgrading from Shaw 300 to Shaw 600 and replacing the older modem (hitron?)

Stay away from the Shaw Arris XB6 blue curve modem. I've had to get creative to keep it cool, or it will constantly drop connections. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. How can you ping the cable modem? Blue Curve GateWay (Arris XB6) Non Stop Problems, Re: Blue Curve GateWay (Arris XB6) Non Stop Problems.
The Arris xb6 never had issues with hardwired devices and always got 600 mbps. ** Yes it would, but it may still overheat when you use it when it’s on.

Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

I can imagine how concerning it is to have a piece of equipment that is overheating to the point it is generating puffs of smoke! Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. . I also requested the tech bring a Technicolor modem and they said they will put a note in, but there is no Guarantee. I complained about all the issues Rogers Wifi calling is giving me and issues with streaming buffering. Amazon firestick stops streaming and On and on. The tech replaced the Arris XB6 modem with another Modem and turned off MOCA and installed MOCA filters.

After setting up the Technicolor router, with thanks to the visiting Shaw techs, I found the Technicolor router to be a little faster. * advice Best wishes, Randy Knowles. I was not aware such devices existed until now. Netflix becomes choppy and blury and sometimes stops working. Report an issue  | 

He asked me to place it in an area where it would not affect the finishes. So overall I think it was in good shape. by The SanDisk flash part number looks more like SDIN8DG4-16G but I can't find any reference to that part. If your modem is overheating, set up a fan next to it and keep it (the fan) running all the time. I tried giving the XB6 a different IP,, like my old Arris, but every time I set this it would ping time out and I'd have to hard reset the XB6 again. The technician came over and replaced the modem. I went and gave this another shot today, after explaining that I'd like to try to get the one made by Arris if possible (and getting confused looks) I got a 3rd XB6-T to try. Shaw should not be selling the Arris xb6 version which drops connections and struggles with speed. Another tech is coming out to hopefully address the matter. I sit about 10 feet away, and I can hear it....   and that's just not acceptable with rental equipment. (If not, you might want to consider at least an inexpensive UPS, this has the additional benefit of keeping your XB6 running in case of a power outage).

07:03 PM I fear it becoming a fire hazard. Since you have tried some troubleshooting with our technical support members. ‎06-09-2019 One step I did was arranged for a Technicolor router. Same design, don't recall if it has a fan too though. Downgraded to gateway 3 for now, beautiful silence, and a -100mbs hit on the wifi signal. I am glad to hear your speeds have improved with the change.

Comcast. Larisa P. Hidalgo 10:13 pm on March 23rd, 2017 5.

The XB6 gateways have an internal fan that is always running, so it is normal for these devices to run warm. This is a much better router than the Comcast supplied Arris Xb6 that comcast supply with X1 gigabit. I fear it becoming a fire hazard.

The speeds are way up compared to the Arris xb6. Were you made aware of the details of the error messages that your modem was displaying? To Cox's knowledge, the Arris TG2472/TG1682/DG2460 devices are not currently available for retail purchase, and Cox's policy is not to connect with or support any device that have been stolen from Cox, the manufacturer or another service provider, or for which you do not have valid legal title.

Terms of Service. That is certainly odd that you are experiencing slower than expected speeds. (Image credit: An Arris/Motorola NVG599's typical wiring setup. However, actual resolution still eludes Comcast, as they refuse to invest in infrastructure, training and adequate support, to better serve their customers and employees. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

The tech agreed my modem was defective. ), I'll either downgrade to the fanless 3.0 gateway, or buy my own eqiupment. The Arris modem/ router produced top speed using Ethernet 640Mbps. All rights reserved. ‎06-09-2019 I have don't a factory reset and setup the modem with ensuring the password is correct but once I switch it back to bridge mode I get the accessed is denied.
It’s in open space, it has my home phone and smart home monitoring connected to the modem and nothing else but it’s giving off high temperature.

Regarding your "connection/ping/speeds", what do you mean by brutal? 600mbs package. Their techs explained the Xb3 I had were all refurbished, and many were not in good working condition. Ignite Modem (Arris XB6)I just got the ignite modem installed 2 days ago, and since then when I touch the modem it’s burning hot.. is that normal? I have continuous problems with the following: Roger Wi-fi (iphone) calling becomes choppy or stops working. I contacted tech support because my basement ignite tv was buffering a lot and the connection was weak, upon reviewing the tech support noticed the modem reporting a few error messages, when I asked About the error messages all she told me was that a technician needs to come and reset the router or update the router. Powered by, Badges  | 

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Let us know how things go after the technician visits today. Its a fan hum, or case vibration/resonance when the fan spins up.

I am happy with that as my objective is to run my network using the Shaw gear going forward.

They did some sort of remote reboot and told me the overheating Arris XB6 was normal.

Same design, don't recall if it has a fan too though.

Mine just has a slight hum to it, I wouldn't say it's excessive.

I wish I had a closet to put this in, but don't really want to rewire the house. I'm guessing most people have enough background noise to mask it. Using my own equipment may also adversely affect pricing. - last edited on If this is not an uncommon problem, Rogers should sort it out, as this is a safety concern potentially affecting many customers. It's Comcraptic!

I have on the 5 G band averaged 50 Mb/s download.

with an Arris XB6 Modem. Forgot to mention there is also the XB6-A, the Arris version. Is the XB6 plugged into a power conditioner strip or a UPS? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Use the SBG6580 Web Manager to set up and manage your wireless I've switched my Arris XB6 into Bridged Mode but no longer can login. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If anyone from Comcast is reading, this was a total hassle, from the time I got the 'free upgrade' phone call, several returns to troubleshoot-- this equipment model is garbage, I'll be surprised if I don't see a story that it's burned down a city block with the heat it puts out. Same for Shaw speedtest in the browser. * or just to vent about how shitty and monopolistic Comcast is! My past modem on Shaw 150 use to always hit 150. User manual instruction guide for ARRIS Group devices.. ARRIS Group User Manuals ARRIS Group, Inc. > ARRIS Group.

I have the Arris BlueCurve modem and have solid speeds on the 5G network. With folks working from home, this has also added to network loads and added to congestion on local WiFi networks but you should still be getting your advertised speed on a modern computer over a direct Ethernet link. Side note: I found the Netflix speedtest a little generous in its results. Arris XB6 Gigabit Modem. Definitely keep it unplugged until the technician comes out and I am certain the unit will be immediately replaced.

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