The picture shows the configuration dialog for selecting the temperature channels of of one source (SuperIO monitoring chip, AIO liquid cooler, power supply, ...).

CPU temperature, GPU temperature and HDD temperature. The speed values under the name should change then in agreement, whereby however not necessarily the exact same speed value is measured. Please help to establish notability by citing.

there are no restrictions regarding supported hardware or temperature sources. 0. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'itigic_com-box-3','ezslot_17',114,'0','0']));One of the most common problems in terms of cooling and especially optimization in PC is the fact that each component has its own control that, depending on the motherboard, cannot be synchronized with the rest. The configuration can be done dependent on if the new control value is be smaller or bigger than the last one. Matt Mills This will be the environment where we will work the curve, but for this we must know which controller is the one that is connected to each fan. The moving average value of 3) over a period of a total of [n] seconds (sum of all measured values by the number of measured values). In the configuration dialog for the advanced fan channel options (see image below), the minimum permissible output value and the startup behaviour can be individually configured for each of the fans. The Super-I/O chip can vary the voltage on the middle pin of the fan header to change the fan speed. Since always, the way to see visiting our favorite websites has been by saving them in bookmarks, […], The second-hand mobile market moves within several possibilities. As we can see, it is fully customizable, after which we can save the curve to practice with another without losing the values, rename it, open a previous one or delete it. If you want to operate a channel temperature-independently at constant speed, select Manual mode as controller for the corresponding channel, set the desired control value with the slider and confirm with the button Apply. A more detailed description of the function of the characteristic curve can be found below in the description of the control of fans connected to the mainboard. Q5: Argus Monitor does not show any temperature readings for my AMD Phenom II X2/X3 processor. Up to 14 fans can be selected for use in Argus Monitor by setting the checkboxes labeled Show. In it we can select the PWM of the fan in% according to the temperature that the GPU reaches. Analogous to the configuration of the temperature channels, the fan configuration can be adapted in this dialog. It is not advisable to use other software for fan control at the same time, as the fan ducts are an exclusive resource that can only be controlled by one program at a time. The control of fans on notebooks is generally problematic (with the exception of most Thinkpad models from Lenovo), as these rarely allow external access to the fan control. The details are described below. The developer quotes it like this: Viewing and controlling system fan speeds. For the task that we are going to carry out, we will have to navigate to the motherboard tab. You reach this dialog in the settings in the category Mainboard / Temperatures by pressing the button Configuration. With the button Configure the dialog for setting up the multiple controllers can be opened. The default value for this is two seconds and 60% to ensure a safe start in any case. All temperatures are displayed numerically as well as graphically. Most fans allow to be brought to a complete standstill by appropriate control. However, as long as the correct fan is installed (a fan with 3-pin or 4-pin connector) or the connected fan is set correctly in the BIOS, Argus Monitor can control both voltage-controlled and PWM-controlled fans and change their speed if a supported SuperIO chip is present. (it's under "miscellaneous", "use highest GPU temperature") The program comes with A LOT of monitoring tools, graphs, gadgets, etc. The fan is powered with a constant 12 Volts supply and the Super-I/O chip can vary the duty rate of the PWM frequency to change the fan speed. Intel® Core™, Core™ 2, Core™ i3/i5/i7/i9 Digital Thermal Sensor. To control the graphics card fan based on the GPU temperature, you must define a characteristic curve that determines which fan speed should be set for which temperature. Fan control with Argus Monitor is available for wiring variants B, C and D. © 2008-2020 Argotronic UG (haftungsbeschränkt) | Terms and Many users test or use Argus Monitor because they are looking for the best fan control program. It is also possible to manually set the fan speeds to fixed values. In this way we can manage sudden changes in temperature that will make the RPM oscillate constantly, which creates a sound that many bothers because of the continuous rise and fall of revolutions. Having said this and having downloaded the program, the installation in Windows goes through the typical next, next, next for ordinary mortals, since there is not an option that we really have to mark or unmark as such.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'itigic_com-box-4','ezslot_16',117,'0','0'])); This is what the Argus Monitor will look like from the start. With very fast reacting fans, however, this value can be too high and lead to an audible start with a short-term high speed. With the option Minimum output value for safe starting from standstill. Conditions | Revocation Policy | Contact | Impressum | Privacy Policy, Minimum control value, from which the fan can be operated safely, Minimum control value above which the fan can be safely operated. For special requirements, it is also possible to determine the speed of a fan duct using a combination of up to four individual controllers. If the first control point is moved all the way down, the fan only becomes active at this temperature and remains completely switched off for all lower temperatures.

What Is In-memory Computing, is it the Future of Computing? Wiring A shows a wiring where the mainboard vendor decided against adjusting the fan speed for this fan header.

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