I also gave up some unvested equity, but there's no way it could be worth anywhere near the salary difference. I don't know what they offer datacenter staff, but in many areas, that's all they have for "not CA". The Company also announces a grant of 4,3000,000 restricted share units pursuant to the RSU Plan (each, an "RSU"), which vest over a 12 month period. > It's really, really doable at a large company within 5 years if you hit senior level and live in a metropolitan area. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. After he sold his options, he earned an average of $130k / yr at that company. My own salary is $55K. This is so doable within five years that at large companies like Google and Microsoft you are expected to hit senior level, and if you don't it begins to reflect badly on your record. They likely work on trading desks at hedge funds. When you say unexercised you mean unvested, right? Not only are they making more than 200k, they are making WAY more than 200k. I'm 3 years into my career and still make less than half the starting rate at BigCorp in SV. Lots of data sources and a number of people interested in the question. No benefits.

That won't hit 100k even if you are at fifth year. If you're saying this to suggest that students from Stanford or similar schools are able to attain better offers, then sure. This is the employer's chance to tell you why you should work for them. The conference call announced for 9 a. I have no idea. You couldn't easily pull apart terms vs quits but at the end of the day it amounted to the same thing.

FB @ 2014 - $230k/yr = $150k base + $50k stock / yr + $30k bonus. At its core, it has a bit of creative DNA (infused by ... Apple Retail Apple Retail. Facebook is often avoided by some very sharp kernel (and other) folks, because they greatly insist on a boot camp and can't guarantee what department you are going to work for. 150k guaranteed comp, 25k bonus, 75k vesting equity is low for the companies w/ equity run-ups in the past several years, in my opinion. There isn't a better answer -- it really is "it depends". A T5 at Google, Facebook, or Apple is likely earning much more than this as their stock from 4 years ago is vesting at a much higher price than it was granted at. No, they don't pay anything close to that. Remember kids, stock prices don't always go up. For example, one of them had three US geo "zones" that were supposed to reflect the cost of living there.

I'm not sure why your comment is grey; it's spot on, although it's not likely a sentiment that HN folks are fond of. be more indicative than asking a person first hand what they make? The sunny salary numbers he posits are, as you said, out of reach for most. If you also factor in stacking allotments of RSUs, your pay can easily exceed 300k at these levels given a few years of tenure.

That's as may be but what are your chances of making the equivalent of 5 years at Dallas BigCorp busting your ass to get to a senior X or X Supervisor in 5 year vs busting your ass at start up in Dallas? There is allegeldy an office in Chapel Hill for instance, but it seems to be on the edge of being decomissioned and no recruiter will tell you anything about it. They lost some brilliant folks as a result. No, it's $1,000. Secondly, people are ignoring the fact that RSUs at the 3 companies mentioned (and a few others AMZN/MSFT) have grown substantially in the past 5 years (about 125-150% on average) and is the biggest factor in these "surreal" figures.

You wouldn't be far off the GBP equivalent working for an investment bank in London as a VP developer. One of my friends is a really smart developer who got several offers from places competitive with those companies. But the effects of these things are still much smaller than the vastly overstated likelihood of ending up with a winning lottery ticket. As hard as it is to retain good engineers, it'd be even harder to retain good managers if they were expected to manage all their SDE II's up or out. 250k a year in 5 years at a big corporation, really? Remember: it's not year 5 of your career.

(It should be noted that I completely agree with the article's conclusion. But they don't. Most big companies as well as startups are paying new grads somewhere in the low-high 60s or maybe 50s depending on where. I'd love to corroborate on glassdoor. I was in NC and made about $100K after 7 years. That is, people usually adjust their total salaries for cost of living but ignore that annual contributions to medium-term and long-term savings generally shouldn't be adjusted. I should note that I didn't get to the in-person interview, and that was because salary negotiations start beforehand.

HN may be more of a microcosm than expected if most people do feel this is normal. Usually not, unless you're a key employee or top performer, but maybe. I did an AMA on Reddit a few months ago. The d100 rule of thumb guidance is insanely optimistic; there is not anywhere close to a 5% chance that your lottery ticket will be worth life-changing money; it's probably 1% at best (and later discussion suggests that 0.5% might be about right). Most of the offers they got were from public companies that were well run. This means the "bar" for a given role and level continuously trends higher modulo attrition.

Admittedly this is all anecdotal. I know only numbers from germany and somebig corporations here.

> Facebook and Google don't really do Work From Home and don't have a lot of remote locations for development depending on where they are.

Came to MTV in middle of 2015 from a company in the midwest where I made over $200K last year (much of this was profit-sharing bonus), and I was definitely at top of the market for my city. How can we know with certainty whether or not you have a reasonable shot at making 250k/year after five years of working at Apple, Amazon, Google, or Microsoft?

Software Engineer V salaries at Apple can range from $160,829 - $252,978. A T5 at Google, Facebook, or Apple is likely earning much more than this as their stock from 4 years ago is vesting at a much higher price than it was granted at. But in actuality, it gets worse every year! I live in Dublin, don't work for Google but I have many friends that do (as well as in London and Zurich). Google also tended to have a bad habit of offering SRE positions for datacenters in the sticks, but that was not a development-flavored SRE thing in the least. Seattle (and Kirkland) are now at ~2000 people (https://twitter.com/juberti/status/675022362438316032).

Getting $250K is certainly doable in bank, but it does not follow a specific career plan. Different groups have diff Beni fits. That sounds better than Google's "work on what we tell you to" approach. Agreed, the post is pretty similar to my experience in London. The claims I'm interested in regard Base salary. More than 10 years ago, my in-the-door offer as one member of a team of 5-6 senior developers at an east coast tech firm was higher than $200k. (source I've worked at Google 5 years after joining right out of school). Your value is effectively capped by your hourly rate minus overheads.
Can you redo the numbers and break-out the vesting stock?

If that's the case, shouldn't there be evidence (other than anecdotal comments via HN) to support that? If a 250k job has 5% odds, and a startup jackpot has 1% odds then it's really worth thinking about.

The typical Apple Software Engineer V salary is $204,373. If I grant you $1,000,000 in RSUs, vesting over 1000 years, is your annual income $1,000,000 ? If they REALLY cared about employee work/life balance, they could bring aboard the right number of folks to make that issue dissolve. 250k for senior is pretty conservative, if the Googlers I've talked to at that level are representative (and we don't work in the Bay Area). My brother got a starting salary of $80k at a startup that went on to IPO in the single digit billions (he joined after the series A). ), Company 2 (post dot-com crash brought salaries way down, ~150 employees, software company. Anecdote: I've been at one of those companies for three years, and made about $250k this year. Agreed. Throwaway because I don't want my salary history to become public. - Your RSUs are likely to be worth less than you're expecting, because market prices will decline in a bust (a major bust is all but certain at some point in your upcoming 4-year vesting period). Initial PTO has only 12 days. I can corroborate this. There are a lot of brilliant hyper-competitive people who work at these big companies and you will be a small fish.

And even in the periods of time which I personally have, I still was not making anywhere near this kind of money. These numbers are fairly local to SF/NYC/Seattle, with other large cities trailing a bit and smaller cities farther behind. Which group will have earned more as a whole after 5 years? I did my research afterwards, and everything I found seemed to point towards cheapness.

And again the 4 year. The comp will max out lower (and therefore the offer won't be able to budge significantly higher) than you may achieve somewhere that did not downlevel you. As in, not RSUs - vested stocks? Day one at the new big corporation I was making ~$200k (that's total compensation; so bonus, salary, and stock that will vest this year). The kind of place you'd likely rent in Plano or Addison would cost ridiculous amounts in NYC, given comparable neighborhood qualities and commutes. Risk adjustment is definitely appropriate, but I think the author is being conservative even with this in mind. They all have tech markets that are not at all dependent on SV. Facebook and Google don't really do Work From Home and don't have a lot of remote locations for development depending on where you are. Big Company vs. Startup Work and Compensation. It is doable without too much trouble in finance in trading, m&a, ... the trick is that you need to survive which require more luck than skills.

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