The word is directly related — in fact, almost identical — to the Hebrew word for "believe" (amam), or faithful. sy pun bukan pro umno.

Renounce all error and come back to Scripture truth! All these are specific forms of gods. However it does not make those presumptions any more true. According to Funk and Wagnall’s Standard College Dictionary, AMEN was the deity of life and procreation in Egyptian mythology, and later identified with the Sun-deity as the supreme deity and called “Amen-Ra.” Smith’s Bible Dictionary and Egyptian Belief and modern thought agree. 2011 & 2012 are cleansing years to destroy those who destroy the earth Marduk Amen Re. Most fantastic holiday of my life, esp Karnak & valley of Kings., Bro Antares,Can I say that the 'The Evil Priesthood of AMEN RA is at work in ALL Institutionalized Faiths'.Their task is to subvert the 'Individual's Ability to Reconnect with his/her own Inner Authority'.

John 14:14 – If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. Yang kesian..yang kena tipu!Nak belajar macamana nak kenal penipu? This is where Adam and Eve (or the people who those name signify) come in. Amen – English – from Egyptian, reference to a false god! During the last 20 years I have fought space wars to restore the balance of Goddess rule. For more background on and insight into the psychic virus called AMEN, read. 1. However, those verses in the original languages do NOT say “AMEN”, and what these uneducated teachers will not tell you is that NOWHERE did our Messiah teach we should end prayers with “Amen” as this article has already shown. (mss is an abbreviation for “manuscripts.”). Strong's H543 - 'amen - "verily, truly, amen, so be it" -'s G281 - amēn - firmmetaphorical - faithfulverily, amenat the beginning of a discourse - surely, truly, of a truthat the end - so it is, so be it, may it be fulfilled. sorry if it too harsh.-leni. However, I never end prayers with anything, Yahshua when asked to teach the Disciples to pray, taught them how to pray, but as already mentioned, Yahshua NEVER ended their prayer with anything like “Amen”, “Amein”, or anything else. To claim that a generic and well used word such as amen is always a proper noun describing an Egyptian god is ludicrous and unfounded. Human language is a tool that is rather impotent when describing the divine, like trying to dig a hole with a plastic spoon, its not up to the job. In hymns to Amen we often read that he is “hidden to his children, “and “hidden to gods and men,” and it has been stated that these expressions only refer to the “hiding,” i.e., “setting” of the sun each evening, and that they are only to be understood in a physical sense, and to mean nothing more than the disappearance of the god Amen from the sight of men at the close of day. I wasn't kidding about Amen Ra. If you study egyptology, you will find that there was more than one Ra who appeared in ancient times, one who apparently did good, followed a possible impostor doing evil in His name. Primarily the mushroom, who is a masterful teacher. It all sounds so believable, and yet, I kinda feel that it is tongue-in-cheek!I need to visit more here, before I decide. but thanks for your friendly & intriguing comment.

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