Just ordered this piece because of a 35% off sale at Extremecorals.

They are voracious eaters, and if not fed well can start to recede. Due to the limited availability of this Coral its price can be fairly high, of course depending on its size and on its degree of coloration. Hells Storm © Austin Reef Club, Listed as one but does not look like a true Acanthophyllia

Acanthophyllia deshayesiana is larger than both these species.

Septa are of very contrasting sizes, the largest being extremely large with very large rounded dentations.

We’ve covered our fair share of Acanthophyllias over the years, but the new multi-dimensional coral from Reefmaster Indonesia is a radically different specimen.

Acanthophyllia deshayesiana Click on species authorities and references for relevant details. Concentric pale to dark greens reds and browns combined with radial striations. The green is there but no red or yellow but rather some purple. While in Beta phase, the website will be taken offline periodically for modifications. Corals are solitary, usually cones with a pointed base. Characters:

Abundance: Care of Acanthophyllia Corals is very similar to what is needed for other LPS corals, and low to moderate lighting is suggested, with low to moderate and irregular water flow.

Wherever possible, warning will be given in advance via this notification popup. Notice the difference of the Coral Polyp’s outer edge that is not as ruffled in this case The green variety handles a moderate lighting better. Extra care must be take to stabilize alkalinity and calcium. Theme by HB-Themes. The most important care that must be exercised for a long lasting and healthy coral is daily feeding. Click on main image for full screen.

Red and Blue Acanthophyllia with some green/yellowish Frag © Austin Reef Club To become a registered user, and to use various features of the website not available to casual visitors, please login (see right hand side top banner).

© Albert J. Thiel.

Since it is a photosynthetic coral, it receives a good amount of its nutrients from your lighting and the coral’s Zooxanthellae, but it will do even better with supplemental feeding of minced pieces of fish, shrimp, clam, Mysis, Cyclop-eeze, and rotifers. This coral, of course, also traps free-floating food particles from the water column, and is believed to also extract dissolved organic material directly from the water.

Aussie Acanthophyllia WYSIWYG — The coral shown is the exact coral that is up for grabs.

Septa are of very contrasting sizes, the largest being extremely large with very large rounded dentations. It is a slow grower and will not become very large.

Unlike what may be done for many other LPS corals, for this coral asexual reproduction by fragging is not recommended at all.

Difficulty of Care Trachyphyllia Coral Care: The T. geoffroyi is moderately easy to care for, they only need a lower moderate light and gentle water movement. Oct 11, 2016. Tearing of the main polyp will invariably lead to bacterial infections and, as we have already seen, these are always hard to cure and getting lost polyp tissue to regrow is never a given.

they do best under a higher kelvin spectrum too .

They are available in almost every color of the rainbow and tend have intense flourescence.

This is identified as one but is probably not. Common names: Doughnut coral, meat coral. Taxonomic Note: What appears to work for Acanthophyllia corals is to place them in the shade, and when that is done they will typically eject part of the middle of their polyp looking for more light. Colour:

wysiwyg dawin collected medium care corals , with large impact and movement . Joined Dec 24, 2012 Messages 2,965 Reaction score 1,197. Skeletal structures are close to Cynarina lacrymalis except that the paliform crown is absent or nearly so and primary septa are larger. It is considered hardy and not very prone to diseases as some other LPS corals are. The color on this coral looks somewhat washed out perhaps due to the light it is under Whereas water quality parameters need to be high, over-use of GAC is not indicated for this coral, and similar ones. Feeding once or twice a week is usually sufficient and will help them grow faster. Nemenzo and Ferraris (1982); If you have an LED set-up you may wish to dim them somewhat if you can when you take into consideration what other corals are in your Nano-Reef, and if dimming is not an option then shielding the Acanthophyllia from the more intense light will be the better way to go. Registered users will receive updates about timing of releases. Your Website.

This species is very little studied and there may be taxonomic issues as the holotype, figured in Veron and Pichon (1980) and the skeletal specimens shown on this website, have Cynarina-like septa. Although hardy, the coral is also fragile and needs to be handled with great care as the polyp can easily tear apart, even under its own weight, so if you need to move the coral, get it to retract fully so the polyp is protected.

Columellae are large and compact. Scolymia australis ‘for comparison purposes’ – © The Coral Zone Note that although confusion with other similar looking corals is possible and exists, even by Store Owners, Acanthophyllia Corals will have a lot more ‘red’ coloration in its polyp than the others mentioned above who may have more ‘yellow and green’ in their polyps. If you use MH’s over your tank, then shielding is definitely what you will need to do. It is important to realize that the sun coral and the Dendro are different corals even though they look very similar.

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