With heat transfer vinyl you can create a large stock of your personalized hats, T-shirts, bags, and much more. This sublimation paper can be used on polyester fabrics, metal, wood, and ceramics. If you are in the business of printing with heat presses you are certainly wondering what to look for when buying sublimation papers. Also, it has extraordinary performance in achieving color quality. The DyeMaster sublimation paper has 110 sheets in pack and letter size is 8.5x11’’. They have really simplified the process of printing and transferring ink on various materials, allowing you to create various things creatively. To remove wrinkles, it is desirable first to put the T-shirt into the heat press and press for 50 seconds at 180 degrees. We have 100 sheets in the package with the size of 8.5x11 inches. This sublimation paper can be used by inkjet printers like Epson, HP, Canon, Ricoh…, All you have to do is choose a printable white side. The print results are amazing because this Printers Jack sublimation paper provides clear and durable colors. Also, you can use it on leather and polyester fabric. What is important to know is that this paper is used only for printing on polyester, fabrics containing less than 30 percent cotton, tiles, ceramics…. In a hurry to decide?

Inconsistent coating of sublimation paper can lead to several problems.

This high-quality paper is desirable to store in its packaging before use.

When choosing these transfer papers, it is important to pay attention to the ink compatibility. It is suitable for transferring prints on 100 percent cotton or poly-cotton blend fabrics. In the printing business, you probably have heard of sublimation paper.

The TexPrintR sublimation paper is a hundred percent recyclable. With Printers Jack sublimation paper, you can design interesting gifts for various special occasions.

With very fast color transfer and drying of just 3 seconds, you can get excellent printing details, sharp lines, and deep colors. This heat transfer paper is designed to work with inkjet printers such as Epson, HP, Canon…. Types of Scrapbooks: Learn All the Differences!

Printing on sublimation paper is easy and simple. While other transfer papers make pictures look faded this Avery transfer paper allows printed images to last for a long time. Sublimation Paper 100 Sheets 11" x 17"... Texprint Dye Sublimation Paper for Ricoh... A-SUB Sublimation Paper 11x17 Inches for... Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500.

Suitable for printing on synthetic materials such as polyester and materials containing a low percentage of cotton. This Siser Easy Subli heat transfer vinyl is perfect for designing interesting outfits. View cart for details. This Koala sublimation paper offers a quick-dry and high transfer rate. Before transferring the image on fabric using the sublimation paper first you need to use protective paper to avoid gasses transfer to another side of the shirt. Printing on light materials will produce much better results.

The Yellow line Heat transfer paper provides excellent print quality. Sock ink that comes with the printer will not work.

Then set the heat press to medium pressure for about 50 seconds. Using this transfer paper is easy and It will save you money and time. This sublimation paper can only use sublimation ink and it cannot work with regular ink. The transfer paper is easy to use and it is compatible with many inkjet printers.

There are 100 papers in the package with a size of 8.5x11x0.9 inches. Usually the backside of the sublimation paper has a clear mark and some papers have a shiny printing side.

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