Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sport. Nowadays, with 5-wide formations, it makes the 46 defense easy to beat because rushing 8 will always leave somebody running open across the field. Seven of those points were a kickoff return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

The 2000 Ravens defense stands alone as the greatest defense I have ever witnessed. Dev Panchwagh is a versatile analyst who breaks down the Xs and Os of the game and has been a columnist/analyst for since the summer of 2004. Baltimore Ravens news from FanSided Daily, Baltimore Ravens: Top 5 Underrated Players Of All Time, Baltimore Ravens: The Importance Of Terrell Suggs, Ozzie Newsome’s best accomplishments with Ravens, Baltimore Ravens absolutely need win against the Colts, Ravens drop a little in latest power rankings with Colts on the horizon, How the Baltimore Ravens adjust to life without Ronnie Stanley, Baltimore Ravens shaping up to be wild card team at the moment, Baltimore Ravens defense very hard to blame for loss to Steelers, Free Agency: A Thank You Letter To The Baltimore Ravens, Nick Boyle Suspended 10 Games: Latest Details, Comments, Reaction. The Ravens defense was the greatest defense. The 2000 Ravens allowed the fewest rushing yards in a season. As a Ravens fan I have seen many great defensive units. Ebony Bird 4 years Free Agency: A Thank You Letter To The Baltimore Ravens. This defense is still used to this day, but sparingly.

Offenses back then occasionally ran Strong-I, two back, two receiver sets which made it very difficult to beat that defense. Ravens Franchise Pages. The 2000 Ravens defensive scheme was a basic 4-3 allowing Ray Lewis and Co. to drop back into coverage while the defensive line did the rest. BmoreBirdsNest, Cole Jackson - In the spirit of the CBS Sports Minute with Boomer Esiason, RSR brings you Word on The Street, a 90 second (or less) podcast on topics exclusively relating to the Baltimore Ravens. Defensive legacy. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. Because of their speed of the edge, and constant rushing through the A gaps, they negated the running game with ease. The Ravens won despite having an offense that underperformed. The 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers also deserve to be in this conversation, in my opinion. Also, quick throws can be made before the blitz hits. As a Ravens fan I have seen many great defensive units. - Our writers explains their journeys as fans and how they came to write for our little corner of sports media. Top Stories. - The Edgar Awards will range from the Maryland county that is home to the best Ravens fans to the best Ravens podcast; from the best collection of displaced fans to the best local craft brews that should be part of your next tailgating party. Some say the 1976 "Steel Curtain" of the Steelers, others say the 1991 Philadelphia Eagles, the 1973 LA Rams, and the 1977 "Gritz Blitz" of the Atlanta Falcons. No great defense had to do more for their team than the 2000 Ravens. He will use defenders in various positions, because a number of starters can line up in multiple positions. - A column from the 24×7 founder that focuses on the Ravens, the NFL, Baltimore, the world of sports or life’s inspirations. In four postseason games the Ravens only allowed opponents to score 23 points. 2000 Statistics; Starters & Roster; Games & Schedule; Team Draftees; Offensive Splits; Defensive … It was impossible to win with power against that defense. Peter Boulware, McCrary and Burnett were great pass rushers. In truth, the Ravens have not been running the same defensive scheme during their entire successful reign, which includes a Super Bowl victory in 2001. Terry Bradshaw was overrated but he was still a good quarterback. Ravens PR Department Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. @toddkarpovich, Derek Arnold @Ravens, Tony Lombardi

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Chris McAlister  and Duane Starks were a pair of shut down cornerbacks. Dev started modestly as a sports journalist, but his contributions to sports talk radio were noticed, leading to duties as a regular columnist for the network before joining RSR. At the end of the day you take all the facts and form your own opinion. - The latest street talk and Baltimore Ravens related News from the Russell Street Report Team. While the 2000 Ravens led by coordinator Marvin Lewis was quite vanilla, the 2006 Ravens are Ben & Jerry’s Rocky Road. Only one offensive touchdown was scored against the Ravens in that playoff run. RSRLombardi, Todd Karpovich

Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams clogged up the interior rushing lanes. The 1985 Bears had argubally the best running back of all time in Walter Payton and a sometimes very prolific Jim McMahon. A youthful Ray Lewis roamed from sideline to sideline.

It would be very difficult to find his rare combination of youthfulness, knowledge and insight in all facets of football anywhere else. The 46 defense was intended to rush 8 to stuff to negate the running game and make it harder for QB's to throw the ball. Powered by. It's easy to see why the 2000 Baltimore Ravens had one of the best defenses in league history: They hold records for both points allowed (10.3 per … I just don’t know how anyone could stack all of these facts up in a way that leads to any other conclusion.

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens led by defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis finished 2nd overall in my Twitter poll of the NFLs greatest defenses. The 1985 Bears debuted that 46 defense technique which hasn't really been seen before coming from defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan. This allowed the two outside corners to play free bump and run, coverage to disrupt receiver routes.

The 2000 Ravens season resulted in their first Super Bowl Championship. Phillip and Gerald owned. I believe it is the greatest defense of all time. Kim Herring was not too shabby either at the strong safety position. The Ravens defense in 2000 is often named among the greatest NFL defenses of all time. So, this begs the question, which team had the better defense? The 2000 Ravens' defense was so dominant that Baltimore was able to win 12 games during the regular season despite a five-week stretch where its offense failed to score a touchdown.Baltimore's defense capped off its historic season with a masterful performance in Super Bowl XXXV. Trent Dilfer gave the offense a fighting chance but let’s not mistake him for a great quarterback. 1985 Bears vs 2000 Ravens: Which was the better de... Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady: Who is better. Jan 29, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; General view of Super Bowl XXV championship ring to commemorate the Baltimore Ravens 34-7 victory over New York Giants on January 28, 2001 on display at the NFL Experience at the Phoenix Convention Center. 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

Follow the Russell Street Report blog Fanimal Crackers! The 2000 Ravens defense stands alone as the greatest defense I have ever witnessed. The Ravens won two of those games. The 2000 Ravens greatness however outshines any defensive performance in NFL history. 15.93 MB File Size 643 Downloads ... 2000 Frankfurt Galaxy Defense NFLEurope Pdf. BmoreBirdsNest, Cole Jackson Surely the “Steel Curtain” had it’s rain in the 1970’s. Share 2000 v. 2006: A COMPARISON OF DEFENSIVE GREATNESS, Share Next Man Up as Ravens Face Adversity, Share Marlon Humphrey Tests Covid-19 Positive, Share Jackson’s Lows Outnumber Highs in Loss, Share Ravens Beat Themselves in 28-24 Loss, 2000 v. 2006: A COMPARISON OF DEFENSIVE GREATNESS.

Rod Woodson was a legendary free safety. I believe it is the greatest defense of all time. The 2000 Ravens went 5 games in the regular season without a touchdown. More 2000 Ravens Pages. Rob Burnett and Michael McCrary played outside contain brilliantly. The Ravens were pretty good at shutting down the passing game as well. The 2000 Ravens put up an impenetrable wall. @toddkarpovich, Derek Arnold In his regular season column Battle Plans, Dev highlights the Ravens' keys to success against each upcoming opponent. It forced the offenses to account for the defenders in front of them which made it harder to execute offensive line assignments. ColeJacksonRSR. @DevPanchwagh, Ravens PR Department Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. This is bevause the 2000 Ravens defense was the greatest defense of all-time. Baltimore gave up only 970 rushing yards (60.6 per game) all year, an NFL record for a 16-game season, and 186 fewer yards than the next lowest team, Baltimore's Super Bowl XXXV opponent, the New York Giants. Your privacy is safe with us. - If you are an animal about the Baltimore Ravens, then you are a Fanimal! Defensive coordinator Rex Ryan likes to switch between the 3-4, 4-3, 4-4-3 and 46 fronts. The 2000 Ravens allowed just 165 points to be scored against them, which is a record for a 16 game NFL season. I've read several articles about the greatest defenses of all time. Lynn Swann and Franco Harris were legendary players that helped him out too. Awesome Inc. theme. There were games where the opponent found just crossing the fifty yard line almost impossible, let alone getting in the end zone. 2000 Ravens Statistics. Lewis is the current coach of the Bengals and is one of the longest tenured coaches with one team in NFL history. There is no debate. Fortunately, Dev brings it here each and every week. 9 of those points were from field goals.

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