Singer CHICO DEBARGE Has Been Arrested For Drug Possession.


Chico Debarge the R&D singer he is known the 80’s hit “Talk to me” he probably needs to talk to a lawyer soon he has been arrested for drug possession.

The younger brother of the Debarge family musical group got busted in Burbank, CA earlier this current month in a Walmart parking lot after the cops there saw him using a piece of wire to try to unlock an SUV according to the police said.


The police thought that he was trying to break-in, the officers approached and they searched him and the cops allegedly found methamphetamine in his pockets. The singer was placed under arrest, and the cops say they also discovered drug paraphernalia in the SUV that he was seen trying to break in.

It turns out the singer had locked his SUV keys inside which is why he was trying to jimmy open the SUV doors and he was caught by the police there.

Chico was booked at the Burbank City Jail before he was being released. We are told that formal charges are pending review by the city attorney.

The singer once rose to fame in the mid-’80s with his self titled album featuring his hit single and followed up with his second album before he served prison time for drug trafficking.,

The singer made a good comeback after he released his mid 90’s but the singer never achieved the success of “Talk To Me”. The singer is once busted or arrested for taking drugs in the year 2007 and he was admitted to struggling with addiction for many years.

For the singer this is not a good thing to do yes he was not a successful one but one human should not destroy his or her own life by taking such harmful things which they know that it is not good for their body and mind or their family.