Singapore to Investigate Unusual Surge in COVID-19 Cases


Singapore, an Asian metropolitan that has been one of the greatest at limiting the Covid-19 outbreak, has gone back on the defense, reimposing local restrictions and restricting its borders in the face of an increase in cases.

With rates of infection in the community occasionally reaching double digits among the 5.7 million residents, the authorities this week began restricting social gatherings, prohibiting admission for most foreign employees, and ordering widespread testing across businesses and places where reported cases have emerged.


Increasing infections in Singapore, which topped Bloomberg’s most current Covid traumatic event, indicate the epidemic’s mounting concerns for Asia’s developing nations. In recent weeks, the Philippines and Thailand in Southeast Asia, as well as countries bordering India like Bhutan and Nepal, have reported large increases in infections.

After the entire city identified 5,324 cases reported of COVID-19 — the most since the epidemic began — Singapore’s health ministry said it is investigating a “extraordinary rise” in infections.

On Wednesday, 10 more cases of the illness were reported in Singapore, bringing the total number of cases to 349.

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“The rates of infection are extraordinarily high nowadays,” the Ministry of Health (MOH) said late Wednesday, citing a substantial number of COVID-positive patients discovered by diagnostic laboratories within several hours in the evening.

“The Health ministry is looking into this unusually high number of infections in such a brief span of time, and will be carefully monitoring trends over the following few days,” says the statement.

As of Wednesday, a maximum of 20,895 Singaporeans were healing in their own residences from COVID-19. Furthermore, 4,589 people are in local care centers, 849 are in treatment facilities, and 1,777 are being monitored in hospitals, according to the MOH release.

Singapore has decided to postpone further reopening due to a recent surge in infections following the relaxing of some restrictions.

Last Monday, the city-state extended its social restrictions for nearly a month in trying to relieve the strain on the hospital system caused by the spread of COVID-19.

The virus has been vaccinated against by more than 80% of Singapore’s inhabitants.

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