Since early December, Houston Methodist has seen 54 cases of Omicron


According to a statement made on Wednesday, the Houston Methodist Hospital has discovered 54 instances of the omicron form of COVID-19 since the beginning of December.

It has been determined that 32 percent of the COVID-19 tests done at Houston Methodist are now omicron, a significant increase from the previous figure of 13 percent only four days earlier.


The increase in omicron that we are now witnessing suggests that we may very possibly achieve 100 percent omicron by January.”

The delta version, which took around three months to sweep previous variants and achieve 100 percent coverage of the population, would be a faster sweep than even this.

In addition, S. Wesley Long, MD, medical director of diagnostic microbiology at Houston Methodist, believes that “it is feasible that delta and omicron maintain some kind of balance throughout time.”

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Because the omicron variant contains more than 50 mutations, research from countries where omicron was discovered earlier than in the United States suggests that it may be more likely to cause symptomatic breakthrough infection and may be more infectious than even the highly contagious delta variant. Stay tuned to HonkNews for more.