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Silent Hill Twisted Ending, Explained.

Silent Hill Twisted Ending, Explained.-

Silent Hill is a horror movie that depicts the struggle of a woman, wishing to decipher the reality behind her adopted daughter’s nightmares. The film was originally inspired by a video game franchise sharing a similar name, thereby giving the movie a spooky backdrop.

Well, you can witness the monsters appearing numerous times, but its the ending which is quite unsettling. Well, we have got you covered. Continue reading to have a proper understanding.

The Storyline of the Film

Sharon, the adopted daughter of Rose and Chris Da Silva. She has a peculiar recurring nightmare about a ghost town. Sharon continues sleepwalking and keeps murmuring Silent Hill’s name. So, Rose decides to unravel the mystery behind her daughter’s peculiar dream and decides to visit Silent Hill in West Virginia.

But, Leaves behind her husband Chris, who wants Sharon to get some medical attention. Enroute Silent Hill, Sharon, and Rose are intercepted by a police officer, Sybil. But they rush towards Silent Hill when they find the right path, and unfortunately crash with a girl, who appears out of nowhere. The crash’s aftermath results in Rose lying on the periphery of Silent Hill with Sharon missing.

The Mystery Behind Silent hill

The Silent Hill’s foggy, ashen atmosphere gives it with a creepy vibe. As Rose explores the town, she finds three different sides of Silent Hill. The first one is the real world with a real town set visited by Chris and Gucci.

The second one, i.e. the foggy town is the one in which  Rose and Sybil are present. While, the third one is the dark side of the town, which brings out the horrific monsters. The other two dimensions are related to the town’s history, which is as follows.

Back in the sixties, the town was under the influence of some sort of cult, with Christabella as their head. The fire was the only means to purify anyone. Her sister, Dahlia had an illegitimate child, Alessa, whose father was unknown. So, the entire town declared Alessa as a witch, and one fine day while escaping from her bullies, she was raped by the janitor in her school toilet.

This further enhanced other’s impure thinking, to which Dahlia caved in and agreed to exorcise her daughter. But, soon she realized her mistake and tried to contact the police. But, it was too late, as the town people had burnt Alessa alive. And amidst this, the structure to which she was bound also collapsed, leading to burning the church and the whole town.

Finally, the cops arrived and retrieved Alessa, but she was severely injured. When in pain, Alessa was visited by Devil to help her revenge against the injustice. Alessa agreed and thus many entities were created in her form.

The devil took her remaining innocence and made baby Sharon, who then went to her adopted parents. As Sharon is related to Alessa, so she dreams about the spooky city. The Devil then made the 2nd form, i.e. the foggy dimension, where he along with Alessa and all those people who wronged her stayed.

Now that you know the reason behind Sharon’s dream, let’s explain the ending for you.

The Ending Explained Of Silent Hill

As Sharon goes missing, Rose searches for her and confronts the Devil. Devil explains the entire story of the town and Alessa, mentioning that he has hidden her body to enter the church and complete his deal.

Rose enters the church just in time when the cult is preparing to burn Sharon after burning Sybil. Christabella stabs Rose, leading to escape of Devil, and creates havoc. The lone survivor is Dahlia, as she is Alessa’s mother.

Rose and Sharon wait for the storm to get over, and asks her daughter to keep her eyes closed. But, Sharon opens her eyes and witnesses Alessa smiling at her, after which she faints. Both of them then leave the town and reach home, but Chris couldn’t see them as they are still in the other dimension.

This means that Sharon is possessed by Alessa, and in reality, both Rose and Sharon haven’t left the fog dimension. The only reason for exit from the Silent Hill is the devil’s job is over there, and now he wants to wreak havoc somewhere else.

And Rose is collateral damage, still stuck between life and death. As Sharon is a part of Alessa, so he followed her, but now he awaits someone else to make a deal with him to create havoc.

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