Shershaah Movie: Dimple Cheema Interview| Vikram Batra Family Gets Emotional

Shershaah movie review

‘Tiranga lehraake aunga ya tirange me lipatke aaunga’ and with dialogue, thousands of emotions went through my veins to my heart and ultimately made me tear apart. The dialogue which is translated as “Either I’ll wave the Tricolor or come wrapped around the tricolor ” is from the latest release movie, Shershaah. 

You must have watched or listened to the movie but there are some more about Captain Vikram Batra and his life you need to know. After the movie was released, the patriot soldier’s life became an interesting topic to explore. Here is everything you need to know about him. Captain Vikram Batra was more than a soldier and this will all be declared in this latest movie, Shershaah.


Shershaah: Dimple Cheema and Vikram Batra’s Promise


If you have known Vikram Batra and all the achievements and sacrifices he has made in his life then you would also be aware of this personal Life. For Vikram Batra, there are only two things. The first and the foremost thing is the country and the other is his college lover, Dimple Cheema. 

In the trailer, you must have seen glimpses of her girlfriend, Dimple Cheema played by Kiara Adwani. She has amazingly portrayed the character and I must appreciate her here. 

Talking about Dimple Cheema, the movie showed her and Vikram’s sweet love story. Their love story becomes softer after and pure after you listened to “Rattaan Lambiyan” and “Ranjhna”.

Dimple Cheema met Vikram Matra in the college where both of them were pursuing their master’s degrees. Vikram was more concerned and passionate about going into the military and that’s when he decided to sit the CDS exam. Clearing the defense examination and also the SSB, he became an officer in the Indian Army. The distances were just a number when there is love and this is explained by both the people beautifully. Whenever the officer comes home during breaks, they meet and spend time together. 

Even though they were engaged during the break, for Dimple they were already married. Talking with the dimple (the finance of Captain Vikram Batra) she said that they already performed the Indian wedding rituals in the temple. For Dimple, they have married four times. 

Furthermore, In the movie, there is a scene when Vikram Batra cuts his finger and puts it on Dimple’s forehead. To all the people who don’t know their story closely, it happened in real life. 

What does Kiara say about Dimple Cheema?

Shershaah movie updates

The character of Dimple is played by Kiara Adwani. Talking with the celebrity, she said that Dimple’s character was so close to her heart. 

The actress said this by, “For me, Dimple is an unsung hero, who fought for her love and faced every challenge that came in her personal life with utmost strength.”.

“She represents today’s Indian woman, who makes her own choices and stands by it proudly. Her decision to remain unmarried and her faith in eternal love will always inspire me and hold a special place in my heart, the actor added.

The actress also had a meeting with Dimple and she shared all her moments and memories with his love. Kiara said that ‘When I was listening to her, it was the feeling I had about him… (It was) almost like I knew him and he became my own. I felt I was part of his life and journey in my own little way through the film.’

Dimple is now a teacher and hasn’t married anyone in her life. She is living as a widow for Vikram Batra and her love would always be cherished by the Indians forever. 

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Shershaah Movie: How Vikram Batra family Responds With the Movie?

Shershaah movie updates

For the family of Vikram Batra, the movie was an emotional part of their life. The incident which took place 22 years ago still feels like yesterday to them. For a mother and father, they lost their beloved son. And for a brother, he lifted his best friend. 

Talking with Vishal Batra, the twin brother of Captain Vikram Batra, he said that they all have waited for the movie to be released in the theatre. It was an emotional moment for them and every scene of his life has affected them. 

Vishak Batra has appreciated the filmmakers for making the movie and he is also impressed with the level of definition they have put into it.

In an Interview, Vishal said “It has always been a mixed bag of emotions for me to talk about him. I have been living with those emotions for 22 years. It’s not easy being Vikram’s twin — he was the best brother, confidante, and friend. We shared every bit of our life together. It was a moment of pride for my family and me.”

Vishal said that while watching the movie he was filled with a lot of emotions, “We wanted every Indian to know his story, to know the man behind the epithet, Shershaah. There hasn’t been a day when we have not spoken about him. And each time we do that, we tend to miss him even more. I’ve contained emotional havoc inside for years. I had to hold it till the film was over, and let it out somewhere, all alone,”

Where can I watch the Shershaah Movie?

Want to watch the amazing story of Brave Captain Vikram Batra? If you are willing to watch Shershaah then the movie is exclusively available on Amazon prime Video. 

Just within a few minutes of its release, the movie was reported to be flooded by viewers. The audience has shown a positive response towards the movie and even the trailer has been loved by them. After the trailer was released, it was viewed by 44 Million plus users. If you are looking for updates, then watch the remaining section of this article. 

Other than that, you can also watch The family Man, Flash, Mr. Robot, and Carnival Row on the OTT platform. 

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Is there any Official trailer for this movie?

The most awaited Bollywood movie, Shershaah is here and fans are just waiting for the movie to release. Before the release, the movie was already the most talked about one in the country and as the release date came closer, the fans couldn’t wait anymore. Finally, the movie is officially released, and if you haven’t been aware of anything so far, here is the official trailer for you.

There might be people who have already watched the movie but if you haven’t watched it, do it now. Watch the official trailer of the movie and make a comment on your reaction. 

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