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Sherlock Holmes Season 5 Things That Is Not In The Cannon But People Believe That Is




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The character of Sherlock Holmes is the most beloved characters in pop culture, but some of his most famous traits and quotes are not part of the canon.

It is one of the best known literary figures of all time, and the many stage, film, and TV adaptations he has gotten in over a hundred years have played a big role in expanding his fame, but they have also left some misbeliefs about the iconic character.

Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes had first appeared in the novel A Study In Scarlet, published in 1887, and then became very popular.

Altogether there are four novels: A Study in Scarlet, The Sign Of The Four, The Hound Of The Baskervilles, and the Valley Of Fear. There are 56 other stories, forming what’s known as the Sherlock Holmes Canon, as there are a lot of works from the other authors using the characters created by Arthur Doyle.

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The detective series has also been adapted by other media various times- from the comic books to the radio series, though it is best known for its stage, film, and TV versions, especially the most modern ones such as Guy Ritchie’s films and the BBC series Sherlock.

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One of the most famous quotes of Sherlock Holmes is the phrase “Elementary, my dear Watson”, which has been included in Tv shows and films, but as it turns out, he had never said that in any of the stories by Conan.

Sherlock did say ‘elementary’ a couple of times and occasionally called his friend ‘my dear Watson’, but never both in the same sentence.

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The origin of the phrase is unclear, but it is generally assumed that it was William Gillette, who came up with it in his 1899 play Sherlock Holmes, with the phrase “Oh, this is elementary my fellow dear”.

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