The new concept of the art takes a closer look at the part of Shazam’s original costume for their 2019 film design which was inspired by the New 52 Comic.

A very new piece of concept art has been revealed for an alternate costume design that the creators had in their mind for Shazam. In the year 2019 the movie Shazam! starred Zachary Levi and the movie was directed by David F Sandberg it also bought humor to the DCEU, as the movie delivered on its promise to also be a much more light-hearted superhero tale.


Not only the movie brings a lot of laughs, but the movie also touched on some real-life themes which were connected to the foster children and families. It also proved to be a hit with both the audiences and also to the critics, and a very big thanks to their budget of 100 million dollars. The movie succeeded in the box office collection the movie grossed over 365 million dollars worldwide.

Shazam is the character with over 80 years of history now, but a very large part of the inspiration for the Sandberg’s version of the superhero’s origin story came from the DC’s New 52 relaunch in the year 2011. In that previous version, Billy Batson is a very troubled foster child who ends in a home full of some other children, and then eventually he ends up getting the power of Shazam.

Lately, in an Instagram post, Marantz posted two of some new images one was named ‘The first pass’ and the other was ‘boots/sandals’. This was also shown with some close-up images, and that also showed the sandals from all the angles. It was a good thing and there was a lot of comment from the public about it and how it looked.


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