SHAZAM 2 TRAILER IS OUT! Good News for every fans of DC

SHAZAM 2 trailer

The trailer for SHAZAM 2! is out and it is so much enjoyable. The trailer includes Eminem’s ‘My Title is’ the trailer also showcases Billy also known as Shazam and also with his foster Brother Freedy Freeman going about both testing Billy’s newfound superpowers. This is also when Billy/Shazam comes head to head with his very first tremendous villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.



The movie Shazam is a tonal departure for the DCEU as the film is far more comedic in the tone. It tells the story of a 14-year-old boy named as Billy, when he shouts the word  SHAZAM!, then he turns into an adult superhero. Those involved with the film have liked it to big. The first trailer also generated positive response.

Story and Plot

SHAZAM 2 trailer

This also stands in stark contrast to the gritty nature of something like Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Warner Bros. CEO is Kevin who also recently confirmed that this is pretty much how the DCEU will be going forward. Instead of them trying to build out an interconnected universe, Warner Bros. is also focusing on making some distinct, quality standalone films.

SHAZAM 2 cast, plot, trailer
SHAZAM 2 cast, plot, trailer

We also have some information that the second  part trailer of Shazam will be playing in front of Captain Marvel in a substantial number of theaters when that the Marvel Studios films will be opening next Friday. It might be a bit of friendly competition among them.

The first trailer of the movie dropped back in July, and then indeed Sandberg recently directly addressed the fans of the movie asking him for a new trailer by stating that he does not control when these kinds of things drop in the social media.

Lets hope the best from them and the whole production team.


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