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Sex Education’s Headmaster Groff and his silly revenge tactics




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Sex Education, a show which always stands for its character. It provides an open dialogue about sex and relationships in which people willingly say out loud the things they are thinking. It creates an open platform for all irrespective of their sexuality. Revolving around its sympathetic characters Sex Education is all about people.

Sex Education Season 2 and it’s characters

To make these characters sympathetic, there is a blend of good and bad used by the makers. It is done so, to deliver the content in a balanced manner. So there are a handful of characters in Sex Education season 2 whose intentions are not always pure.

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There is Otis who represents himself as a decent guy but eventually go beyond the imagination of his fans. Then there was his absent father, who admits that he is “an asshole”. And how can we forget about the relation between Maeve and her mother? But there is one thing common between all these characters that they are treated equally with humanizing rather than villainizing. But there is one character who is not treated equally on screen And he is none other than Headmaster Groff.

Sex Education: Headmaster Groff in both seasons

Season 2 of Sex Education makes Headmaster Groff the main antagonist, villainizing him to such an extreme that it hurts the show overall.

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Sex Education Headmaster Groff: Season 1

In season 1, Headmaster Groff acted as the overly-strict authority figure as he had the purpose of doing it. As Groff threatens Maeve with expulsion, he had reason to do that. Not one but two. The very first is she is running a drug ring and the other one is he was trying to protect the reputation of his son. So there was a valid reason for villainizing Groff. But what about season 2.

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Sex Education Headmaster Groff: Season 2

In season 2, Headmaster Groff was simply used because the scene requires an antagonist. It can be seen that how instantly he develops an argument against Jean (Gillian Anderson). His action of opposition to Jean reflects the story needing a bad guy. Somewhere In episode 7 of Season 2, it can be witnessed that Groff is acting more like a bully than the headmaster of a school.

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Eventually, he made very silly actions of revenge when he distributes fliers containing confidential therapy session information about his underage students. Headmaster Groff is an adult who has spent his entire career working with a young student.

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