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Sex Education Season 3 Will Maeve know the truth about the deleted voicemail or not?


The teen comedy-dramas series of SEX EDUCATION always comes with new questions with new seasons. Season 3 of one of the finest series of Netflix is yet to be confirmed by the streaming site. 

But the previous season of Sex Education is still part of chats as many questions are to be answered.

One of the most asked questions which came in light from the last season is will Maeve learn the truth of deleted voicemail or not?

Sex Education Season 3 Evidence from Season 2

Season two of Sex Education ended on a note when Isaac (played by George Robinson) deletes a voicemail from the mobile phone of Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey). 

It’s all began when Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) asked Isaac to tell Maeve to check her phone.

It was the time when Maeve and Isaac were hanging out after the school play. Maeve excuse herself to buy something from the shop. 

She left her phone behind. Otis wanted to know if Maeve had listened to the voicemail he’d left her. So he asked Isaac to help him and tell Maeve to check her phone.

As the Otis left, Isaac listened to the gushing declaration of love from Otis to Maeve and delete the message. Even on the return of Maeve, he neither mentioned the visit of Otis’s nor about the message. 

When star Robinson was asked about the move of Isaac, he said: “Oh definitely! Definitely. You’ve got to empathize with him.”

The truth about deleted voicemail

In a conversation, Emma Mackey has given some additional information about the last season which somewhere interconnects with the upcoming one. 

The final scene of the previously discharged string was a last-minute addition to the plot. In that matter, Mackey said: “Do you know what? That wasn’t even in the original script.”

She added, “So that was kind of like a last-minute – because I haven’t seen the last episode – so if my memory serves me correctly [it was new].

This statement from Mackey has raised many eyebrows. Such a twisted end is a raising plot point to the show going forward. 

So, it is clear that there will be more drama in the life of Maeve and Otis. Going forward there are changes that we will be witnessing a love triangle between Isaac, Otis, and Maeve.

For that, we have to wait for the much-awaited release. Given the buzz surrounding the series, it seems highly likely to return soon.



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