Sex Education Season 3 Possible Release Date and Everything we know so far

Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education has been renewed for its third season. It is no doubt that the show is doing extremely well. Most of the viewers have liked the show.

Confirmation of the third season arrived less than a month after the premiere of its second on the streaming service, which was devoured by the critics and the fans in Jan this year.


The show follows the lives of a dozen of students, parents, faculty of Moderate High School situated in the picturesque Welsh countryside.

The show deliberately refuses to be pinned down to a particular era of time, stripping away any potential direct allegories to our modern struggles and instead opting to put the characters and their struggles with sexuality and identity at the forefront.

The show is led by stars Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield, the show follows the misadventures of mother and son jean and Otis as they attempt to have applied their knowledge of sexual psychology to their complicated lives.

The Release Date

Fortunately, Netflix seems to understand exactly how thirsty Sex Education fans are for more of the show, and marked the season 3 renewal announcement with a teaser.

Much like season 2’s initial reveal trailer, which featured Gillian Anderson delivering a sultry monologue about the benefits of sex ed, the season 3 teaser is playfully narrated by Alistair Petrie’s Principal Groff.

We might get the third season on Jan 2021. So seems there is quite a time left for the release. We hope the third season will not be disappointing at all.

Well, who knows let us hope for the best as there are some questions left unanswered in the second season. So fans are also waiting for it.

Well, this is it, guys. Let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them success for their upcoming show on Netflix.