Sex Education Season 3 Are Adam and Eric done?

Teenage years can be pretty much hard on a kid. It’s a turbulent time where a kid is stepping into teenage years having no clue about it.

A kid can become emotionally, socially awkward to address the drastic changes in his body and mind. Parental guidance and support are very much needed during the following years of teenage life.

So, here is a show that talks about these discussions breaking the ices between students and parents.


The show responsibly talks about the issues keeping it lighthearted and funny. It’s genuine and heartfelt because the points shown in the show are really what teenagers go through, but due to lack of proper support and guidance, they go down the wrong path and destroy their lives.

As the title itself suggests, this show highlights how sexuality can affect their life based on the concept in their head. 

With a completely non-judgmental outlook, the show focuses on one’s desires and gives assurance that it’s completely okay with how they are. 

The case of Adam and Eric

The season two ending was quite divisive in the sense that there were lots of choices made in the episode. The episode was a musical highlighting the epic romantic Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. 

Eric picks Adam over his new boyfriend Rahim when he realizes that it’s only with Adam he feels what “true love” is. But it’s worth stating that Eric’s mother supports his decision.

What is the Controversy?

The controversy was formed because of the choice Eric did. No one was happy with it, not viewers nor Otis who rejects the relationship knowing the history that lies behind both of them.

So, we all know how Adam had once made Eric’s life hell by regularly bullying him. But despite all those tortures unleashed upon him or the disgrace he had to face for Adam, he picks the Devil over the Saint. 

He had a positive and healthy relationship with Rahim, but his choice made a controversy amongst the audience.

What Can We Expect?

There can be two things that can be the outcome of Eric’s decision. First, the show was striving to normalize abuse and the second giving a person the opening to change.

As an audience, we can just wish that Eric’s choice turns to be positive in the forthcoming season.

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