Sex Education Season 2 Trailer what it tells?


Netflix’s Sex Education Season 2 is all set to premiere on Friday for its second season. As the show made a surprising move in its 2019 with stealing fans’ hearts.

The upcoming season 2 is no different. Again the crazy misadventures of Moordale secondary students are much entertaining and friendship and family are all that keeps the show alive and strong.


Season 2 is all about Otis. Where he just gets in a relationship with ola and take things slow. Since Otis’s mother is officially dating Ola’s father.

That’s enough stress on the young relationship without Otis knowing where Maeve has feelings for Otis. But Maeve has enough on her side with her recovering addict mother. Where Eric and Adam have their mystery. Adam is the most handsome new student.

With all these sex and romance take a place to intimate love. Where the characters experience a lot of ups and downs of young love with friends. There are some friends like Eric and Otis who share everything and are comfortable with each other also Ola and Adam.

The most amazing relationship in season 2 is between Maeve’s quietly suffered ex Jackson and his new tutor Viv. The show may force them toward the couple in new seasons.

There is lesser sex overall and it has deeper sexual topics covered. Season 2 has a lot of things to explain with lessons.