Settlers Review: Wyatt Rockefeller’s Sci-Fi Movie About Mars


The new Settlers movie will make you wonder about life on Mars. Revolving around a small family that is helping themselves to save their only child on the mars is explained in this movie. Settlers start with an amazing start but as you love the story there are certain questions that will strike on the head. What are the three doing on the only planet? Why is there no one else there with them? What happened to the earth? In the hope that the writer will make us satisfied by solving these mysteries, I watched the whole movie but there was nothing. 

The show was left with some unsolved questions. Director Wyatt Rockefeller has independently debuted on this new sci-fi film and it was already seen that at these times, directors often go through a tough time. 

While I appreciate him for making so many efforts within the movie but it didn’t come out as per their expectation. The movie received mixed reviews from the fans. 

While the cast was amazing, the story was lacking behind everything one can dream of. In this article, we’ll be taking a quick review of the new sci-fi movie, Settlers. Here is everything you need to know about the movie.

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Settlers Movie Review


For a 36-year-old director, it was the first time for him to independently cast a whole movie all by himself. As the director has already tried his best to make the cinematography and movie amazing, he quite succeeded in it. 

Wyatt Rockefeller, who is the director of Settlers, has recently mastered film and cinematography from NYU. His dream for the movies and passion for his own film is worth watching. For the movie, the cast and characters have also tried their best in upbringing the best of the film but it turned out a big NO for them. 

As the movie lacks a major storyline and the movie has an off-beat theme. Also, there is nothing too fancy about this movie.

Jonny Lee Miller and Sofia are seen as the main role and they have done his side of the movie amazingly but for many people, it wasn’t that great. What makes this movie different and not so great for the audience is that it’s a boring plot. 

We have already witnessed a lot of scientific and sci-fi movies that grossed millions of money. History is proof that sci-fi movies have always been a fan favorite. Overall the movie was okay but not that great to make the audience love it. 

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Settlers: Cast And Character


Settlers follow the story of a family living on a mars planet. The main cast of the movie is Sofia Boutella who is playing the character of Lisa and Ismael Cruz who is seen in the character of Jerry. It also casts the small boy, Remmy in the movie. The movie also has certain other actors which aren’t that important but play an important role in the story. 

I’ll be mentioning all the important characters in this movie. Keep reading the article and find out everything about the cast and the character. 

  • Sofia Boutella is seen as Ilsa
  • Ismael Cruz Córdova is casted as Jerry
  • Brooklynn Prince is playing the role of Younger Remmy
  • Nell Tiger Free as Older Remmy
  • Jonny Lee Miller as Reza
  • Natalie Walsh is seen as Female Stranger
  • Matthew Van Leeve is cast as Male Stranger

Is there any Official trailer for this movie?

The official trailer of this movie has also been released and the audience is seen to be enjoying the trailer. As the movie isn’t that great, the trailer didn’t reach as many people as many thought. The official trailer of the movie received less than half a million views. If you haven’t checked the trailer out then watch it here,

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> 

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