Seth Rogen Ripped for Downplaying Rising Crime in Los Angeles: ‘White Rich Privilege at Its Finest’

Seth Rogen Ripped for Downplaying Rising Crime in Los Angeles: ‘White Rich Privilege at Its Finest’

Social media slammed multi-millionaire Hollywood elite Seth Rogen for his “privileged” attitude to rising crime in Los Angeles.

“It’s called living in a major city,” he told YouTuber Casey Neistat, who had his vehicle smashed into and was looted.


In a tweet on Wednesday, Neistat said, “Our vehicles were robbed this morning in Los Angeles, but enormous admiration and thanks to the diligent cops at @LAPDWestLA who not only nabbed the motherfucker but recovered all of our stolen goods.”

In response to Neistat’s tweet, Rogan said, “Dude I’ve been here 20 years. You’re insane. It’s wonderful. Leave nothing precious inside. It’s called city life.”

Rogen’s Car Was Burgled 15 Times

“I can still be upset, right?” Neistat said to Rogen. “I feel so violated,” the actor said, revealing he had had his vehicle broken into 15 times.

“You may be upset but I think I don’t personally regard my vehicle as an extension of myself and I’ve never really felt violated any of the 15 or so times my car was broken into,” Rogen added.

He continued, “Once a person left a nice knife in my vehicle, so if it happens again, you could receive a treat.”

“I got no treats,” Neistat said. He just stole my daughter’s 7th birthday decorations and left bloody handprints. “How did you get your vehicle broken into 15 times?”

“I lived on the street in West Hollywood for 20 years,” Rogen remarked.

Rogen later tweeted that Los Angeles is “not some shithole city.”

“It stinks your things got taken, but LA isn’t some shithole city,” he said.

People on social media slammed Rogen for his “privileged” statements, suggesting the actor doesn’t need to worry about money.

Governor Kathy Hochul declares emergency due to OMICRON VARIANT

« Majority of Americans just do not live with the luxury of not considering their automobile as an extension of themselves,» said one Twitter user. The bulk of Americans live primarily by car.”

“This is what people mean when they say celebs are detached from everyday people, @Sethrogen. Your attempt to be Mr. Nice Guy has resulted in Mr. Snootypants.”

It’s not typical to have your vehicle broken into, and sure, it is a violation.

“For most people, their automobiles symbolize their livelihoods, you know, going to work and generating just enough money to put food on the table and have a roof over their heads,” commented another Twitter user.

“Ah, celebs. Accusations that their obscene riches mean they’re out of touch are absurd. After all, vehicle theft is a minor inconvenience. No financial [repercussions] on our life. Easy, just get another! It’s called “city living!”

“It’s nice here – 15 or so times my vehicle was broken into,” another Twitter user commented on Rogen’s blatant hypocrisy.

Says the wealthy who can afford to replace something others must labor twice as hard for. So, your automobile… What happens if it’s your turn? Oh, we had to defund the cops so you all had security and alarm systems. Gotcha.”

L.A. Crime Surge

Murders, violent crimes, and gun violence have reportedly soared in Democrat-run Los Angeles. Throughout the summer, LAPD Chief Michel Moore informed the police commission that overall crime is up in Los Angeles.

This isn’t the first time the actor has sneered at crime.

Following George Floyd’s murder, rioters and thieves attacked the streets of Minneapolis, and the actor was among the celebrities who gave to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.