We all know the famous women lawn tennis player Serena Williams she has won the world championship in lawn tennis many times and the whole world know her for her good sportsmanship. There is a video where we can see that the lawn tennis player Serena Williams is getting boxing lessons from one of the greatest fiercest fighter of all time named Mike Tyson who was showing another champ how to throw a serious haymaker.

You can check out the video in their Twitter account, the video is still there. We can see that Iron Mike is working out with the tennis star in Florida he is coaching her through some good powerful punching combinations and then holding the very heavy bag as Serena absolutely unloads.



In the video, it seems and sounds like that Mike is very much impressed with Serena’s punching power the famous fighter Mike Tyson says that ‘she has some serious punching power in her hand’. Talk about a ring endorsement.

The fighter also said that if she does well then from next time he will take her to the ring and make her practice there. The one thing that is coming in our mind is that why is Serena practicing or having coaching classes for boxing? There may be some reason we do not know that reason yet, but soon we will know it.

Is Serena does well then she will be a good boxer as well and we can see that Serena is learning a lot faster and quicker she is doing each and everything that Mike is telling her?

The movements of her have changed a lot it is like she has become a professional boxing fighter. This is good that someone is trying something new and someone is teaching their lesson or sharing with someone who wants to learn.

We all should do this and help each other in the end this will help us and our society a lot more than we think.