Seniors Need Stimulus Checks Now. They Can’t Afford Food or Medicine.


The Senior Citizens League is calling for stimulus checks to help retired citizens who are being forced into desperate measures because of the economic downturn. The group has sent out letters, written by Rick Delaney – chairman- that state low wage earners and senior citizen’s alike have cut back on their meals or gone without medication due in part from not receiving enough financial aid during this time when money becomes worthless if you’re unemployed (Delaware News Network).

With no sign off a let up soon there will be even more pressure put onto Americans already struggling everyday; but with some relief coming our way thanks top Congress accepting proposals made regarding how much each individual should receive per month living off social security plus 2 X minimum wages which equals 4

Delaney said that in order to combat the unprecedented inflation this year, they were relying on a $1,400 stimulus check from Congress. Lawmakers are presently engaged with issues such as infrastructure legislation and debt ceiling; however there is recent news about how signed into law last week will provide temporary relief for teachers who lost jobs due financial cutbacks during these times by allowing them earn back up-to date pay at lower rates through hardship exemptions until April 1st of next calendar year when current categorical grants run out – hopefully giving educators enough time to find new positions before school starts again!

Rising Inflation and the Chance of a Fourth Stimulus Check Makes the Situation Bad for Seniors.

In a world where inflation has been spiraling out of control, it’s no wonder that many senior citizens have found themselves on the brink. With their life savings used up and being unable to keep up with ever increasing prices for goods or services-they’re just one paycheck away from ruin!

Every month, it’s possible for seniors to see up-to a 6% increase in their Social Security benefits. Senior citizens who receive $1,543 per year will be receiving an average of about 7%. If this goes through without any changes from Congress then there could easily be more money coming into your pocket every single pay period!

The good news doesn’t stop here though; since 1983 when cost-of living adjustments took place first time around – due again next April (6)%-it has also risen by 3%. That means that not only would you get paid more now but with each passing year those extra few cents are worth even Closer attention than ever before

With the 4th stimulus check looking unlikely at this stage, seniors are desperately in need of that extra cash as it is their only source.