Selling Sunset Season 4: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Selling Sunset Season 4 Updates: The highly expected third season of Netflix blow Selling Sunset has launched. The friendship theater between Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn has been unraveled (for the time being) and Chrishell Stause underwent the beginning of a severe divorce from This Is Us celebrity, Justin Hartley. While those plotlines were dealt with, there are however several issues that have yet to be resolved. The edge of season three vacated many storylines vacated to be investigated in season four. It actually arranges the ability for an identical season hierarchy to seasons two and three. A fourth season could also investigate two probable and one substantiated withdrawal from The Oppenheim Group.

Renewal Status of Selling Sunset Season 4

Surprisingly, Netflix has yet not confirmed season four of Selling Sunset. This is very startling as there was no reluctance to pumping out the following season after season two. But with the exhibits continual high viewership, it’s no suspicion Netflix will revive it soon. With the pandemic raging on, there is no hurry.

Broadcast Of Selling Sunset Season 4

Selling Sunset Season 4-

Even if the exhibit is restored sooner rather than later, filming likely won’t commence anytime shortly. In an Instagram story, Selling Sunset celebrity, Chrishell Stause disclosed their crew is very vast and it’d be tough to pursue social distancing and protection provisions. With this in the psyche, a fourth season may begin filming when the epidemic has hindered or a vaccine is ready. Nicest case scenario, this will transpire in early 2021. Terrible case scenario, filming won’t begin until June or July of 2021 or probably even delayed. Season three was filmed in late 2019 so it’s apparent season four will be filmed in an identical time structure, just two years later. With a two-year time leap, there would necessarily be bunches of fresh elements to screen.

Fresh looks to glimpse

Plenty can alter in two years. Enthusiasts may be prepared for some fresh faces in expansion to the returning celebrities by then. One of these fresh faces may be Graham Stephan, another dealer at The Oppenheim Group, and an accomplished YouTuber. With Graham’s nearly three million subscribers, he already has an enthusiast base to expand to the exhibit’s viewership. Graham was the initial dealer Jason and Brett greeted The Oppenheim Group 13 years ago. Back then Graham was young to the brokerage industry at a very 18. Now, at 31 years old, he has years of knowledge and an abundance of star clients under his belt.