Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber: Top albums releasing 2020


1. Selena Gomez — Rare (January 10)

With Gomez’s health problems, familial spats and publicized connections, the singer said she’s relieved to be wrapping up her third album.

“It took me four years now to feel at a good place with this album, simply because I had such enormous moments that happened in my entire life… There is going to be a sense of strong pop in my audio, but I explored more with electric guitar and soulful tracks.”


2. Poppy — I Disagree (January 10)

YouTube sensation Poppy is odd — just one of her videos, titled’I am Poppy’, is just 10 minutes of her replicating those two words.

For her first two albums, Poppy partnered creatively with Titanic Sinclair. However, this week, the 24-year-old accused Sinclair of”glamorizing suicide” and manipulating her.

Poppy’s upcoming album’s Disagree’ will go in a deeper direction, she is said. “People are calling it my third record, but it feels like my original,” added Poppy, signaling a rebirth.

3. Justin Bieber — TBA

Year, Justin Bieber took some time off to focus on his religion and to lead a normal life ordinary as a millionaire pop stars could be after tying the knot.

Nonetheless, it’s been a full five years since his trendsetting 2015 album’Purpose’ and fans are thrilled that the hit-maker is back with the only’Yummy’ (falling on January 3) and a recordset for 2020. We’re fully expecting him to shift pop’s course yet again and to innovate.

4. The Killers — Imploding the Mirage (TBA)

The Nevada rockers are going back to their roots that are synth-rock on a followup to 2017’beautiful Beautiful’.

According to frontman Brandon Flowers: “Some of the stuff is starting to resurface and lots of that had to do with synthesizer songs. It has always been part of the DNA but it’s certainly creeping up”

5. Kid Cudi — Intergalactic (TBA)

Kid Cudi’s first solo record because 2017’passion, Pain and Demon Slayin”,intergalactic’ will probably be accompanied by an animated show on Netflix.

‘Black-ish’ founder Kenya Barris writes and executive produces, saying:”[T]here’s never been a record and a series dropped in precisely the same time, so every song is going to have a 30-minute story that kind of explains what that tune is about… It’s a young love story told through Cudi’s music.”